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Top 10 Quotes: Washington Vs. Giants, Week 6

Kyle Allen gets ready to throw a pass during practice on Oct. 14, 2020. (Elijah Walter Griffin Sr./Washington Football Team)

With the team's practice prep for the New York Giants complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

10. Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner on how the offense can make more big plays:

"It's a group effort. We've got to protect up front. The receivers have to get the separation down the field and then the [quarterback has] got to stand in there and make the throw. I've got to do a good job of making those calls at the right time. It starts, obviously, with me making the play call and the guys have to execute on the field. We've had some opportunities for some plays down the field and they haven't worked out one way or another because of a breakdown at any one of those key areas. I talked to the guys after the game Monday and I talked to them again today about success is not a straight line. There's ups and downs, and there's a lot of work going on here behind the scenes."

9. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio on what improvements he would like to see from the linebackers:

Just more production. We'd like to see more production. I think Jon Bostic has done a nice job being a leader and being strong and really playing just about every snap. I think he's played just about every snap to start the year. He's done a good job with that. Cole [Holcomb] is getting healthy. Hopefully, we'll get Cole involved. I think Cole's got a chance to be a good player for us. He got banged up in Week 1 and we haven't seen him since. Hopefully we get him back. We're just looking for production from our linebackers and understanding where they are in the scheme of our defense. We're looking for guys to make plays."

8. Head coach Ron Rivera on keeping the team mentally sharp:

"I think the one thing is to talk about what we're trying to do. We're trying to develop this football team, and that's what we're going to do. Win or lose, going forward, the bottom line and the thing we have to understand is we're going to play to win. We're most certainly going to play to develop guys that we think are going to help us, and that's what we've got to do going forward."

7. Quarterback Kyle Allen on getting support from his coaches and teammates:

"At the end of the day you earn that trust every single day you're in the building. That trust isn't just given, you earn it. It's kind of a 'What have you done for me lately' type of league. You earn that every day you step in the door, and that was my mindset coming in. I talked about this last week, too. With the guys around the locker room, I just try to make as many relationships as I can and be with the guys and learn about them and really dive deeper to get to know them because I feel like when you're on the field on Sundays and you have those relationships with those people, it's just different. They fight harder for you. You fight harder for them. You understand them better, you understand what makes them tick and you can get the most out of everybody around you. For me, I'm just trying to earn everyone's respect from the day I stepped in here."

6. Rivera on what "Rivera Strong" means to him:

"It's really about people being supportive, people being behind you, and for me, personally, it's just trying to set the example as I go through this. It's just trying to be strong and trying to show this is manageable, this is something that we can beat, we can get past. Having folks support you has really been a great thing for me, personally. It really has. I get notes every day, and it truly does mean something. It really does lift your spirits. When you see those things as an individual, I see those things and it really does help me. I can't explain why as much as I just know there's folks behind me and praying for me. I'm in their thoughts, they're wishing the best. That's really cool."

5. Del Rio on inconsistency in leverages:

"I think what we're talking about here is we have high expectations. We're 12th, I believe, I looked at it and we're 12th in third down, getting off the field. We want to be better. We want to be top five. We need more stops to get that done. We need more stops to help us win games. That's what we're pushing for. To talk about specific plays or specific issues -- we're obviously coaching it and correcting it and moving on. We're about building for the next [opponent], and right now we're preparing for the Giants. Obviously, we have a lot of respect for this football team. We're gearing up to go in and battle away."

4. Rivera on what he's seen from the Giants on tape:

"Absolutely they play hard, they really do. Last week was a great indication. They came up on the short end, unfortunately. They do some good things. They've got some good skill players. They're big and physical up front. They've lost some close games. This is not a cakewalk for anybody. Just because we have one win and they have none does not mean a thing. This is a divisional game. We're going to their place. I expect and anticipate for them to come out and play hard just like they've done. They've got a lot of good quality skill players."

3. Rivera on what allows Allen to be successful:

"I think the guys know that he's competitive. I think that's probably the biggest thing is that they feel his competitiveness. Kyle really is all about ball. He studies the game, he knows the game, he works at the game. He's hard on himself and the players see it. His teammates feel it. He's a guy that really enjoys the competition and I think that's kind of the thing that spills over. He has some leadership qualities. He's not a 'rah-rah' guy. But, he's confident in his abilities."

2. Allen on how he can improve the team:

"I think that's why you see me do that on 3rd-and-1 and stick my nose in there and try to go get it because it really does mean that much to me. I'm always going to compete no matter where we're at, what the standings are, what the score is. This is all I play the game for is competing. It's every day in practice, it's every day in walk throughs, it's whatever. It's all about competing. Yeah, we're working through a lot right now. There's a lot of things we have to change. There's a lot of things we need to get better at. But, I think if you have that mindset collectively around the building from everybody -- as long as you're going to compete, as long as you're going to give it everything you've got, the people that do that are going to stick around. You're going to find the people that do that consistently and the people that do that great and you're going to build that culture that Coach Rivera is so good at doing."

1. Rivera on situations that he uses to motivate the team:

"You've got to keep playing. No matter what happens, you've got to keep playing. I was in the same situation as a first-time head coach. I was in the same situation as a first-time coordinator. Things are going to be hard. I've said that from the beginning. This is not going to be easy. Just because I'm showing up does not mean we're going to win the division. We've got to work through it. There are a lot of things to grow through. You have to keep playing and you have to keep playing the guys that you think are going to help you going forward. That's what we're trying to do right now. We're going to play guys that we think are going to help us, but as I said, there's an interesting stretch right now. There are five games that are very impactful, and that we have an opportunity and a chance. We're going to see what happens and we're going to go for it. That's all that's happened right now is I've changed my approach to this. A big part of it is looking at the schedule from the beginning and saying: 'These four games are going to be very interesting, but we're developing.' These next four based on where we are -- we have a chance. We'll see what happens."

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