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Top 10 Quotes: Washington Vs. Rams, Week 5

top 10 quotes

With the team's practice prep for the Los Angeles Rams complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

10. Offensive coordinator Scott Turner on balancing the team's improvement with wins and losses:

"To me, it's always about doing whatever we can possibly do to win. That's where -- again, as we prepare as coaches and players every week, we're trying to compete and win. We owe it to our guys with the effort they put forth to do that."

9. Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio on how he would assess the defense:

"We've got a good group. We're doing some good things and we're capable of doing even better. I like the way we've started the year. I think we've allowed ourselves to be competitive. We would like to make a stronger contribution to helping the team win games. We're going to continue to push to be one of the top defenses in the league. I think it's a solid start, and we're looking forward to the rest of the year and the challenges that are in front of us."

8. Rivera on RB Antonio Gibson's growth:

"I think Randy [Jordan's] one of those perfect fits for coaching a young guy. I think Antonio will learn a lot from him. Really it's just learning to do what comes naturally to him, and that's run. He's a heck of an athlete. He's a heck of a football player with the ball in his hands, which we've seen. It's just a matter of learning and understanding when he's got the ball behind the line of scrimmage, how to press a hole, how to hit a hole in a certain direction, how to plant off that and how to anticipate certain things opening up. Those are the things that Randy's trying to teach him and trying to get him to have a feel for."

7. Rivera on Kyle Allen's mentality:

"Things like that don't faze him. He's always steady. He's always the same guy. He's very smart, very headsy, very well-prepared. He's tough as nails. He doesn't say much. He just goes about his business. He's very professional."

6. Rivera on Allen being an underdog throughout his career:

"Kyle is a little bit of an underdog. The thing about him is he's very smart, a very headsy football player. He's got good athleticism. He's got a good arm -- not quite the arm that some have -- but he makes good decisions. He's a game manager. He has the ability for the big strike. He's got a good vision. The thing that he does is if he takes what's given to him and manages the game, he can be very, very efficient."

5. Rivera on Alex Smith's progression:

"I've been impressed with it. Again, knowing that he's been cleared to play and then watching him working, especially the last couple weeks, has been outstanding. I just have no trepidation having him come in and play if that's what happens."

4. Del Rio on facing Rams quarterback Jared Goff:

"Each week it's a new challenge, a different approach, different players. If one thing is a common denominator, you know you're always going to face talent. You're always going to face good coaching. That's why it's professional football. We feel good about turning the page and moving onto the next opportunity. I feel like even against the two guys you referred to, I think we had our opportunities to do things at a higher level. For us, it's about improving where we can, continuing to give great effort, continuing to focus on the things that'll help us be successful on defense. We're going to continue to go out there and battle."

3. Rivera on evaluating the NFC East:

"It's one of those years I'm surprised. I look at the schedule by quarters and say: 'Gosh, if we can be in this position here going into the second quarter, this is what we're looking at. Now if we're in this position going into the third quarter, this is what I'd love to have.' Again, being in this situation is a little bit of a surprise. Because of it, I made the decision that I did. Like I said, we're going forward now guys."

2. Allen on being named the starting quarterback:

"I'm always ready. If you look at my career so far, I've been in the league three years and I've started in at least one game every year. I started one my rookie year, the last game of the year. I think I started 12 last year and now this one. For me it's just always been a mindset of: be ready, and if it doesn't happen, it doesn't. But if it does, at least you're prepared for it. I always go into every game just ready to go in at any point... For me, it's just being ready to go and take advantage of your opportunity when it comes."

1. Rivera on the decision to start Allen this week:

"To me, it goes back to the beginning of the schedule. We have four games coming up at the beginning that I was hoping to come out 2-2 going into a stretch where we play four NFC games, three divisional games -- again where we can make some hay. Unfortunately, we're 1-3. We have three divisional games coming up, four conference games, so we're better off putting the ball in the hands of a guy who knows our system, a guy that's been in our system for three years, backed up by a guy who's been in our system before and who's a little bit of a more accomplished quarterback. This is not as much an indictment on Dwayne [Haskins] as much as it is an indictment on the situation and circumstances that we are in."

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