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Top 10 Quotes: Washington Vs. Ravens, Week 4


With the team's practice prep for the Baltimore Ravens complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

10. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio on COVID-19 cases in the NFL:

"We've been on point thus far and we understand the importance. The guys are working hard to make sure we're operating under the protocols and making sure we're doing everything we need to be doing. Coach has stressed it, [head athletic trainer] Ryan [Vermillion] has stressed it and we continue to. We've been on it and the points have been regularly made about the importance of doing the right thing and allowing us to have a chance to compete. The guys have been working hard at it, I think, about doing the right thing."

9. Del Rio on the similarities with the coaching situation in Washington and in Denver with John Fox:

"Coach Fox had laid out a great blueprint. Coach Rivera has as well. We're following that blueprint. I'm focusing my energies primarily on defense, but I'm assuming some of the head coaching responsibilities. We're carrying on. That's what we're doing and we're asking players and coaches -- everybody's got to step up and support Coach. That's what we're doing."

8. Head Coach Ron Rivera on wide receiver Terry McLaurin:

"[He's] just everything that was advertised. I know when we were in Carolina, we liked him enough that we wanted to pick him and the Washington Football Team picked him before us. He's a guy that exceeded expectations, and it's one of those things that if everybody knew he was going to be like this, he would've been a first rounder or a second rounder. Just fortunate to have him. Everything he works on he excels at."

7. Quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. on handling criticism:

"I haven't had cable since high school, so I don't watch ESPN or major TV networks. Usually, after a good game or a bad game, I sort of delete my social media before and after the game. ...So, I could really care less about what page tagged me in or what Twitter has to say. That's just opinion and just noise. It's not in the building. It's not my teammates. It's not people that come up to me after a play and talk to me about what I see out there. So, really it's just being tough, having a resiliency, having a great mindset of understanding that people are going to have things to say about you. People hate on the greatest players. That's just part of the game. But you'd rather have people talk about you than not talk about you because it means you're doing something. I've just got to start figuring out how to do the right something and to win some games and have somebody talk some positive stuff."

6. Del Rio on forcing turnovers:

"Turnovers come in bunches. We work on Turnover Thursdays. Turnovers are a big emphasis for us, but it's an emphasis every week. We're looking for them constantly. I'd like to get back on track. Obviously, being down on the turnover ratio is not a good thing. We're looking to create them. We were successful the first two weeks, and we're looking to create them as we go through the season."

7. Rivera on what he needs to see from Haskins moving forward:

"It's all about showing growth. As we start preparing for Baltimore, coming in early and obviously getting the game plan for the first day, looking at those things that are going to be installed and going out there and executing them -- again, understanding, 'OK, if I make a mistake and it's here, I should've started with this guy or worked with this guy.' Those are the things that you have to see every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday."

4. Haskins on Rivera challenging him:

"Coach Rivera and I had a great conversation on Monday. I challenged myself, and just the conversation we had was along the lines of showing progression, keep getting better and showing what we need to see out of me. That's what I want to do. Everybody can be caught up in here or there or what somebody says or what somebody else says. In all honesty, I know I can be better. I have to be better for this offense. In order for that to happen, I have to put the work in."

3. Del Rio on how Rivera has handled cancer treatment:

For him personally, I think obviously he's dealing with something that's a big challenge. Like everything he's done in his life, he's facing it head on and giving it everything he has. It's a battle. He's battling right now. He's as tough as could be and doing what he can. As coaches and players, we just have to do everything we can to carry on the message and the things we know he's about and making sure we're doing a good job with it."

2. Haskins on his confidence:

"I feel like I'm in a more mature mindset going into this week than I would've going into last week. Playing against the Giants last year, I threw three interceptions and -- not that it's the end of the world -- but it felt like it. This week, just learning from my mistakes, capitalizing and just making it something that never happens again or never occurs again. You don't want to throw an interception. You don't want to put the ball in harm's way. You want to protect the football. I understand that. We all understand that, and I'll do a better job of doing so. So, that's the focus for me this week just protect the ball, do better with the ball and make more plays when they present themselves and just help these guys win this game and be a point where I can be consistent and be someone that can be relied upon on this offense."

1. Rivera on explaining the long-term process to veterans:

"They're here to help us and they're a part of our football team. Ryan [Kerrigan]'s not done. Ryan's going to play football and he may play for a few years. Hopefully it's here. I just think everyone has to understand that there's a group of guys that for the foreseeable future are our future. Right now, I'm doing what I believe is best for this football team."