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Five Top Linebackers To Watch For At The NFL Combine


The Redskins will be gauging the linebacker talent at the combine to determine if anyone is the right fit for the team. Here are the top linebackers at this year's combine.

With the Redskins needing help on the defensive side of the ball they can look to the draft to add a linebacker that can provide instant help. Here are some of the linebackers attending the NFL Combine that the Redskins could draft in April.

Take a look at photos of Vanderbilt outside linebacker, Zach Cunningham.

Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt

Zach Cunningham out of Vanderbilt is simply a playmaker who garnered 16.5 tackles for loss last season. As a junior, he earned first-team Associated Press All-American honors and finished with 125 total tackles. Cunningham can shoot gaps and beat pulling linemen to the edge. He can handle himself in man coverage or play in a zone.

Cunningham uses his upper body strength to get off blocks and go find the ball. He played outside linebacker on an attacking 4-3 defense at Vanderbilt but could easily slide into an inside position in a 3-4.

Take a look at photos of Alabama linebacker, Reuben Foster.

Reuben Foster, Alabama

Alabama's Reuben Foster is an old school linebacker that delivers concentrated blows to a ball carrier. He has elite foot quickness that allows him to go sideline-to-sideline.  He reads and reacts to plays and shoots gaps to track the ball carrier. Foster had five of his seven career sacks his senior year.

He is underrated in pass coverage, with 10 passes defended, and has no problem keeping stride with running backs or tight ends.  Foster has a tough guy mentality and can elevate players around him.


Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State

Raekwon McMillan, a second-team All-American, is an active linebacker who seems to be all over the field. Seven of his 102 tackles went for losses last season and he also chipped in with two sacks.

McMillan is able to read a blocking scheme and exploit it. He attacks blockers and beats them with tremendous hand technique. McMillan is able to fluster quarterbacks by jumping in their passing lanes in the middle of the field and isn't afraid to take on pulling guards to free up teammates.  


Jarrad Davis, Florida

Being patient paid off for Florida linebacker Jarrad Davis, who waited two years to finally become a full-time starter. In his last two years at Florida, Davis racked up 154 tackles and 17 of them went for a loss. He is a physical linebacker that can get hit the gaps before linemen can come out of their stance.

Davis can also attack the blockers and use leverage to drive them off of the line of scrimmage. He has the mobility to cover running backs and spy quarterbacks. Davis has a mean streak and hustles on every single play.


Tim Williams, Alabama

Tim Williams was a sack machine for the Crimson Tide, finishing with 18.5 sacks his last two seasons. He explodes off the ball and has good technique while engaged with blockers. He can use a bull rush or one of his moves to get inside or outside leverage on a tackle. He has great hand placement and footwork at the point of attack.

The Alabama product can drop into zone coverage and disrupt tight ends coming out of their stance.  He plays at his best when his primary duty is to get to the passer.

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