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Wake Up Washington | Dotson staying patient while dealing with hamstring injury


Jahan Dotson remembers feeling his hamstring tighten on his last catch against the Dallas Cowboys.  

"I caught the ball low and kind of did a split and ended up in a funny position," Dotson recalled.  

Having never dealt with hamstring issues before, he thought the tightness was just a cramp. When he went to make a play on the next drive though, he realized it was perhaps something a bit more serious.  

"It kind of just pulled again, and I realized I couldn't go," he said.  

As head coach Ron Rivera said during his Monday press conference ahead of the Washington Commanders' Week 5 game against the Tennessee Titans, the injury could keep Dotson out. "a week or two." The development pumped the breaks on what was an exciting start to his rookie campaign and at a crucial time for Washington.   

It also marks the first time in approximately seven years that Dotson has been forced to sit out of a game due to an injury. The unfamiliarity was challenging to grapple with on the sideline against the Titans on Sunday.   

"It was definitely very tough," Dotson said. "Seeing your brothers out there. They're playing and having fun. Seeing guys like Dyami [Brown] having big games, having success, you just want to be out there on the field and enjoy that with them. I wish I could have been out there to contribute."  

And while he is chomping at the bit to get back in action, Dotson knows that, even though this is his first time dealing with one, hamstring injury recovery cannot be rushed.   

"I wanna make sure that when I come back, I'm 100% and there's no lingering injuries after the fact and making sure when I come back, I'm ready to play for the rest of the season."  

In order to ensure he gets to that point, Dotson is leaning on expertise. With the guidance of Washington's trainers, he feels confident that he will return ready and strong.   

 "I'm truly just believing in them because this is my first time ever dealing with this, so I really don't know what this monster is," Dotson said. "I know that they're going to have my back 100%"

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