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Media roundup | Scott Turner excited for what Brian Robinson could bring to offense

10062022 Week 5 Practice EF055

On what he could have done better against the Cowboys:
"I mean, honestly, I felt like we were able to move the ball when we didn't have the penalties. We would move the ball and then we put ourselves behind the sticks and that's a really, I mean any defense is tough to overcome that, but that's a very tough defense to overcome. You get yourself in second and 22, those situations. We had seven penalties, those took place on five drives. And, you know, all those drives ended in four of them ended into punts, and one of them ended in a field goal where we were down inside the 20, backed up and had to get a field goal. So, when you play a defense of that caliber and you commit to running the ball, you cannot have the negative plays. And we can't have negative plays anyways, but especially against a team like that when you're playing on the road. So that's something that we have to clean up. I mean, we talked about the negative plays the week before they came in the form of sacks. All this week they were penalties, so it's just, you know, those are things that we have to eliminate. Obviously, it's hard enough as it is, so when you make those mistakes and make it harder on yourself, it's not a good recipe."

On his formations correlating to the type of play:
"I mean that's something that you look at yourself scouting as a game goes. When it's inside the game, you don't want to be that heavy, but we were having success with the under-center run. Actually, our two passes were not very successful that we ran from under center. So that's something that, you know, we looked at during the week and you never want to have, you know, tendencies like that, especially as the year unfolds. But you know, we were aware of it, but we didn't really want to go away from it because we were for the most part blocking them well up front when we didn't get the holding calls." 

On how RB Brian Robinson Jr. will help the offense:
"Yeah, I mean, he's a good player, really good back. I mean, you guys are able to see what he can do in the preseason or over the summer during training camp. We're excited to get him back, the trainers and the doctors will make the decision on when he is actually able to play. You know, that might be this Sunday we're still kind of waiting and seeing him. He looked great at practice. He's not going to come in and just carry the ball 30 times. Like obviously it's his first time ever playing in the NFL too. He's a rookie, so there's going to be a period of kind of getting him going. But I think we're all excited. I mean, we're excited about the personal aspect of the story. Just such an amazing thing for him to come back after what he's been through. But as a player, you know, he's going to give us some juice and that physical presence and just a good all-around back." 

On if RB Brian Robinson will help in play action:
"Yeah, I think that helps. I think he helps the overall offense. It's another quality player that the defense has to account for. We talked about it last week with the play action numbers. I mean, we've had some negative plays and that just kills your efficiency, especially when you're this early into the season. I expect those just to increase and do better as the season goes on. And we just have to, like I said, eliminate those negative plays. We've had some sacks on play actions which has really hurt that."

On if there were times last week that he wished QB Carson Wentz changed plays at the line:
"It's not a lot. I mean we do have some plays where he can adjust not necessarily the play, but maybe he's adjusting protections. Most of the time we're getting to the line we're trying to run plays, get off fast. There wasn't a lot, you know what I mean of him changing the plays. We had some plays, you know, just like any game that I'd like to have back. We had some plays where we had some missed assignments, that caused some negative issues or maybe caused an overexaggeration, which was a hold or penalty, stuff like that. But no, there wasn't anything where we thought we could have changed the play outright."

On correcting the big plays:
"I think what you do is you continue to work, correct and move on. You have to teach, develop and make corrections, then move on. All of our energy, we have to put all of our energy into preparing for the next week. A new set of challenges, a scheme to get caught up on, different players, different strengths, weaknesses, all of those things are part of the planning. Corrections are made an we're moving on. We are getting better and doing things better. Obviously, there is still work to be done but the energy and commitment level is very, very strong." 

On RB Derrick Henry:
"Yeah, he is just so big and strong. He is just an amazing running back, amazing talent. That is just one part of what we have to do. It starts there." 

On CB Benjamin St-Juste:
Well, I think it's, it's been something that's continued. He had a strong camp. He has moved inside. When Will [Jackson] was banged up, he was able to slide back outside and do some good things. I think he's doing a real good job for us. Happy with the way he's working at it. We're trying to grow together, come together as a group and do things better. Certainly great to have Juice doing his thing."

On the pass rush:
Yeah, I think the D-Line's really doing a nice job. They're working hard. The sacks and turnovers do come in bunches sometimes that bunch gets taken away by penalties, which obviously we need to correct. I think they're working, they're doing a great job working and impacting the game both against the run and pressuring the quarterback."

On preparing for Henry and if it is different:
"Well, I mean, you still look over there. The guy is really big, really fast and talented, understands how to run, how to set up blocks. Don't wanna make it out to be more than it is. There are a lot of talented running backs in the league, but he's certainly right up there with the best in our game. It's gonna be a big challenge."

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