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Media Roundup | Top quotes from Washington's week of signings


The Washington Commanders had a busy week as several players officially signed contracts. Here are some of the top quotes from their press conferences.

Andrew Norwell on Ron Rivera and John Matsko:

"Their consistency, the way Coach treats his players. He's very consistent, gives people the opportunity. He gave me the opportunity when I was a rookie. I'm very fortunate that I made the most of that opportunity. I'm excited to be back [with him] and his teachings and John Matsko's coaching, his style. It's very exciting.

Norwell on how to build chemistry on the offensive line:

"Just working together, trusting each other and being one. We gotta all be on the same page, and that starts with the center making the right calls and everybody playing as one. Just having that glove mentality, how it fits right and just go out, day in and day out and work hard and give it your best every day."

Cam Sims on getting to play with Carson Wentz as his quarterback:

"He likes big receivers. I feel like I'm a big receiver, so the plays are out there. I feel like people just have to make them."

Sims on whether Washington was always where he wanted to be:

"I just prayed about it and ultimately, that was the right fit. I've been here for numerous years, and I can tell where this team is headed. It's headed in the right direction, and I feel like I can help the team win."

Cornelius Lucas on whether other teams were interested in him during free agency:

"I picked up a good amount of traction, more than I have in the past. But everyone was faking and booty shaking and Washington was the only one that came through."

Lucas on what re-signing with Washington means to him:

"We all want to retire and live on a beach and drive fast cars and have all that money and all that kind of stuff. Today I feel like Washington put me in a trajectory [to get] all that stuff."

J.D. McKissic on what it means to come back to Washington:

"Much respect to the [Bills] organization. You can't ask for a better organization to be chosen by. But I had unfinished business in Washington. The way we left off, I feel like we were inclining, and with my injury, I had things I wanted to prove in Washington. Washington is home.

McKissic on why he feels the Commanders are a team on the rise:

"If you watched last year, we had a lot of guys go down [with injury]. We also had a good period where we were doing great things. We were one of the...hottest teams in our division at the time. But a lot of guys went down, and you can only go so far with that. Unfortunately, it happened to us, but we're looking forward to coming out a bit harder this year."

Efe Obada on how Rivera and his coaching staff help him develop as a player in Carolina:

"I don't know if you know my background, but I knew nothing about football. The culture, the environment they created, it was that of learning, that of patience, that of growth, that of wanting to be better. Not just on the field, but how the coaches and Ron Rivera in particular carries himself as a man is something that I've never been around in terms of role models and men carrying themselves in that way. It just rubs off on you, and you want to be like that."

Obada on his relationship with David Bada:

"The first year he tried out for the IPP [International Pathway Program], I actually shared a room with him. He's a great guy, great character, hard worker. He didn't have the success he wanted initially, so he had to go back to Germany, work hard and come back and have another opportunity, and you can see what he's doing with it. I feel like he's on the cusp of making really, really, really amazing and big strides in the league."

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