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Wake Up Washington | Heinicke continues to be a playmaker when it matters


On Sunday, Taylor Heinicke had the kind of all-around, heart-stopping performance many have come to expect. There were some rougher moments early in the game as the quarterback was settling in, but ultimately the quarterback rose to the occasion when his team needed him most.  

"You see him as the game progresses and he's more and more comfortable," said head coach Ron Rivera. "He's getting the ball out. He's getting the ball where he needs to throw it to whichever side to the leverage sides."  

In the fourth quarter, Heinicke was able to play to his strength and influence the game more effectively, as the pieces of Washington's offense came together. One of those important components was the Commanders' offensive line, which has learned what it needs to focus on with Heinicke under center.    

"They obviously have been able to understand that you have to continue to block," Rivera said. "You have to continue to work on your guy, because with Taylor, he can keep the plays alive because of his tremendous mobility. More so than anything, he's got this knack to be able to duck under and stuff like that where a taller quarterback struggles a little bit with that."   

The power of the quarterback's mobility was on full display in the fourth quarter against the Colts. The offensive line's protection of Heinicke allowed him to burst outside the pocket and squeeze out extra time to find his receivers, most notably Curtis Samuel and Terry McLaurin, in high-pressure moments.   

Because of his commitment to improving his game along the help of his teammates, Heinicke will be wearing a new pair of blue and white Jordans this week.

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