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Wake Up Washington | Robinson feels 'it's all starting to come back together' with each game


Brian Robinson Jr. was given the game ball in the locker room following the Falcons win in which he amassed 125 yards. Head coach Ron Rivera called his performance "outstanding," and it marked another important step in Robinson's unique rookie season.

"So much hard work's been put in just preparing for that. You know I've had to kind of be patient since I've been back, working, just trying to have one of those types of games," Robinson said in a one-on-on with Julie Donaldson the day after his Week 12 outing.

Robinson has established himself as one of the Commanders most consistent and effective offensive weapons since making his debut against the Titans in early October. With each practice and each game, the running backs feels as if he is getting himself "better physically but mentally too."

Robinson was nominated to be the Pepsi Rookie of the Week for his performance against the Falcons. You can vote for him, HERE.

"It's all starting to come back together…I lost a lot where I was, and still trying to progress sin this league with all this talent, it's a lot of work," Robinson said. "I'm insecure sometimes thinking I'm not going to live up to my name, but I'm just trying to stick to what I believe, and I believe I'm gonna be alright."

Numbers do not lie, and they show that Robinson has been more than alright for the Commanders in the eight game he has played this season as he has recorded 467 yards and three touchdowns. Against the Falcons, the rookie tallied another exciting season "first" as he scored his first receiving touchdown as a pro.

"It was another good opportunity for me…I've always been confident in my pass catching abilities. Been confident in my hands, my ability to run after the catch," Robinson said. "I think it'll be exciting to add that part to my game at this level."

With how he and the team as a whole has been coming together to pull out wins, Robinson sees no reason why the Commanders cannot be playing late mid- to late January.

"We've just got to stick to the script and do the thing that we've been doing to win as far as preparation," Robinson said. "We gotta keep preparing like we're going to go win football games. I think as long as everybody keeps that same focus up, we can step on the field with anybody and compete."

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