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Top 10 Quotes: Washington Vs. Giants, Week 9


With the team's practice prep for the New York Giants complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

10. Offensive coordinator Scott Turner on if the offense is close to what he envisioned before the season:

"Yeah, I think so. I think, like I said, I feel like we are getting better. I feel like we are closer to what we ultimately want to become. ...I expect our guys to come out and play well, I expect us to coach well and give ourselves a chance to go and win every single game."

9. Head coach Ron Rivera on having fans at FedExField this Sunday:

"I think it's going to be cool. I really do because I did feel the friends and family at Dallas, and that was special. It really was. I was very happy for our guys because they had the family and friends up in the fans. I do look forward to having some roughly 3,000 fans. I do know that one of the things Mr. Snyder and [president] Jason [Wright] want to be aware of is really the safety of our fans and making sure everybody sticks to the protocols. I'm really excited about it. I know our players will be excited about it. It's really kind of cool to slowly integrate our fans back into the game because we truly do miss them."

8. Rivera on what he tells young players about playing divisional opponents twice:

"The biggest thing you talk about is knowing you've got to play these guys twice a year. So, make sure you have a book on everybody. Make sure you have a feel for what they do. For the most part, a lot of teams in your division are going to attack you the same way, especially if they have success. That's the thing that they've got to look at."

7. Del Rio on if the defensive line has performed as he envisioned:

"We've done some really good things and we have some areas where we're going to continue to improve. We're going to work at it collectively. To me, there's too much of an attempt to separate the D-line from the linebackers and DBs. It all works together. I'll throw a cliché at you: 'It's the ultimate team sport.' It just is. All three levels of your defense are important. When they're all working together, that's when you can do some really special things."

6. Rivera on if his approach facing the Giants changed after the first matchup:

"I wouldn't say the approach is necessarily different. Again, it's a divisional game, so I think those things take care of themselves. People say, 'Oh, you've got to gear up. You've got to get fired up.' No, you don't. This is the division. This is one of our rivals, one of our archrivals. So, I think our guys, their perspective and outlook on this game is in the right place. Coaching-wise, schematic-wise, we have some ideas of things we want to do. Are they similar to what we did last time? Some of them are. Are they different? Yeah, some of them are. Our approach I think is really where it needs to be because this is a division rival."

5. Quarterback Kyle Allen on what tight end Logan Thomas and wide receiver Steven Sims Jr. bring to the offense:

"I think Logan has been really good for me, especially, because he's played quarterback before, so he thinks like a quarterback out there. We've had a lot of conversations at practice about different routes, different looks. They flow because he's played quarterback before. He understands the looks.

"Steven is a very dynamic player. He has been very fast. He has been very good in and out of cuts. He's smart. I need to get more reps with Steven. I think me and him need to start doing what I've been doing with everybody else. It was good to get him back at practice and it's good to get him running routes. He looked good out there."

4. Del Rio on the next step for the defensive line:

"For us, it's just to build on the start that we had to the season. We're looking to continually improve. We established high standards. Our expectations are very high. We're going to keep pushing for that. The biggest thing that I'm excited about is the way I've seen the guys working at it, the energy they bring every day. Positive things come about with that type of approach. I'm pleased with the way that we're attacking it. We're seeking to be better, and we should be better as the year goes on."

3. Allen on wide receiver Terry McLaurin's leadership:

"I've said this before: there's a lot of different types of receivers in this league. There are a lot of very talented receivers and a lot of guys that can do different things, but it's kind of rare for a receiver to see that type of leadership and desire to win. Some of the greatest in the league are like that. Right when I met Terry it was that way. Terry was kind of a quiet guy, but he came in and worked. He showed work ethic. I said this to him early in the season, I said: 'You're a guy that can be great, but you can also be one of the best leaders on this team. You've got a lot more to say than you think you have.' He's been speaking up more. He's been saying his mind. Everyone on this team respects him. He deserves that 'C' on his chest more than anybody else."

2. Rivera on McLaurin's leadership and being named a captain:

"What's been impressive is, for such a young man and such a young player, to be as mature as he is first and foremost and be the right kind of person that you want to be one of your leaders. He leads by example. A very quiet leader who just goes out and does his job. But his performance does most certainly speak on the field whether it is practice or game time. I think that is one of the things that impresses his teammates, especially his veteran teammates, that all felt unanimously about [voting him as a captain.] So, like I said, it's a heck of an honor and just glad to see that he gets the kind of recognition that he deserves."

1. Rivera on his 'Ubuntu' t-shirt:

"The word is 'Ubuntu.' It basically stands for: 'I am because we are.' It's a little bit of an idea that J.D. McKissic and I talked about last week. It's something that I've actually read about. The whole attitude and idea is that the success of the individuals is the responsibility of the team and the success of the team is the responsibility of the individual. ...As I said, I had a conversation with J.D. McKissic and he actually brought to my attention what Doc Rivers did. We had a great discussion. Now, this is something I had looked up and researched a year ago and thought this was something I would like to do some day. When J.D. and I talked about it, we said: 'You know what, let's sit down and talk to the guys about it,' which we did. We'll see how it goes."

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