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Top 10 Quotes: Washington Vs. Bengals, Week 11

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With the team's practice prep for the Cincinnati Bengals complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

10. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio on Kendall Fuller's versatility:

"That's not normal. There are few guys that are capable of that. I think being versatile like that, being super intelligent like he is, I think that allows him to do multiple roles. We don't want to take that for granted. He's done a nice job of coming here and being a pro and really his work ethic and the way he prepares has been outstanding. We recognize what he is and also recognize that you don't want to get carried away moving guys around. That could be problematic for him and for others."

9. Head coach Ron Rivera on defensive end Chase Young getting triple-teamed:

"You do want to remind him, 'Hey, dude, every time you turn and there's three to your side, somebody else better be winning.' And they are. It's interesting because when you watch Chase and you watch one of his teammates getting a sack, look at the excitement he has and the joy he has for his teammates because he knows he had an impact on that. That's the truth. When you see a guy getting double- and triple-teamed, somebody should win and for most part we've had some guys that have been winning. So that's a huge plus. Again, his will come.

8. Rivera on RB J.D. McKissic's ability to run and catch:

"That's what you're looking for. You're looking for a guy with J.D.'s skillset that can do those types of things. Again, we were fortunate in Carolina to have [Panthers RB] Christian McCaffrey. J.D.'s a McCaffrey-type player. He can run the ball inside, outside. He's a threat most certainly out in the route, and he understands protections."

7. Del Rio on improving the run defense:

"I think actually we've played the run pretty well this year. That may be a shock to you or to others. I think, overall, defensively we've done some really good things. We're just going to continue to work, continue to work to be more consistent. I think, if anything, the group is kind of trying to do too much rather than just try to take care of your responsibility. We're trying to focus on that. One thing I will say is our energy's been great. Our spirit is still strong. To me, that's always as a coach something that you want to make sure you're keeping that part strong. I think it is. I think we'll continue to make strides defensively and build upon the pretty good start to the season. We're in the upper half in just about every category. Run defense might be the one thing that lags behind. But I think in terms of overall effectiveness, we've got a good group and we've been doing a lot of good things."

6. Offensive coordinator Scott Turner on running back Antonio Gibson's role on third down:

"When you're a young player, especially with a guy like Antonio -- and we've kind of talked about this throughout the course of the year -- you've got to balance the physical with the mental. Physically, he can do everything. We know that. Then, it's just mentally. How much do we give him before it just overloads?... Antonio is our guy. We're going to continue to give him the ball. We believe in him."

5. Rivera on the quarterback situation:

"I think the thing about Alex [Smith] right now is you have a guy that's a very veteran quarterback who has helped and nurtured some very young quarterbacks. He kind of showed these guys how to study and prepare for a game, how to handle it. I think this is going to be very good for Dwayne [Haskins Jr]. I think Dwayne's going to get an opportunity to see truly how to prepare for a game as a starter. Again, I think -- and hopefully Dwayne will take it that way -- this is an opportunity to learn and grow. Then, who knows? He may get his opportunity again shortly. He's just got to be ready and prepare as if he's one play away."

4. Rivera on T Morgan Moses transitioning to left tackle:

"Really, the biggest change is going to be for him. We're going to do what we do and play the offense accordingly. The biggest thing for him, obviously, is getting used to the left-handed stance and getting used to the left-handed type players he's going to have to play against...Morgan's a pretty good athlete, so I'm not necessarily concerned about it for him. But, we'll see. He started out as a left tackle, they moved him to right where he got comfortable, but he has left tackle skillsets. We'll see how he goes."

3.Del Rio on Smith's comeback:

"I mean, really the biggest thing is I'm amazed at his drive, the competitor that he is and the journey that he's undertaken just to come back to this moment. It's pretty incredible to watch a guy have such strong desire and determination and fight. I think we all respect the heck out of that. It's just great to see. It's a feel-good story. Obviously, I'm hoping he gives us a lift and can give the team a lift. It's an amazing story for a guy to come back through the things that he's been able to battle and make it back onto the field."

2. Rivera on not getting discouraged:

"Mostly because we're still in it. Let's be realistic -- what's the best record in our division? ...See my point? Keep your fingers crossed. You just never know. But at some point, you have to win football games. That's the truth of the matter. I don't get discouraged because when I look at the roster -- and I can go over it with you right now -- you can see how many young guys are playing. Guys that have one, two, three years of NFL experience and that's it. I can sit there and go down the list of the guys and tell you. There's a reason for optimism. At least I am. Maybe I'm overly-optimistic, but that's just how I feel. When I sit here and look at these names I go: 'Wow, these are some young guys that are playing. These are guys that don't have a lot of NFL experience going out there right now and gaining that NFL experience that's going to help us.' I really believe that."

1. Rivera on the importance of getting a win:

"It'll be huge. It really will. Emotionally, it'll be huge. I think it's one of those things that—the guys, for their hard work and commitment and their sacrifices, deserve stuff like that. They deserve big wins. Again, I'd like to see us win as many as we can. We'll see how to try to win this one coming up."

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