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CBS Sports' Will Brinson Has An Intriguing Idea For The Redskins' Quarterback Situation


Entering the offseason, the Redskins face a quarterback dilemma. As CBS Sports' Will Brinson sees it, the team's quarterback situation feels like purgatory.

"They won too many games to be guaranteed a top-flight quarterback in this draft," Brinson said. "They could take a quarterback at 15, and then have to play him right away. Or they could try and hit the free agent market, but then unfortunately you're allocating so many resources to the quarterback position."

The one name that Brinson mentioned as a possibility for the Redskins at pick No. 15 was Duke quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones has been mocked to the Redskins by many NFL Draft experts, and is widely viewed as one of the best quarterback options in the draft. Brinson, while a fan of Jones, still doesn't believe it would be the best option for the Redskins.

"I like Daniel Jones, but I worry that the upside is not there," Brinson said.

Take a look at photos of 2019 NFL Draft prospect Daniel Jones

Another option that Brinson presented is for the Redskins to sign a free agent quarterback. This would allow the Redskins to either shift their focus to next year's draft for a new quarterback, or for the free agent to become the starter for the foreseeable future.

"I think you should not draft a quarterback, and band-aid it with a free agent on a one-year deal," Brinson said. "Teddy Bridgewater I think you could get him on a three-year deal that turns into a one-year deal or something like that. Then, if it doesn't work out, you can get a quarterback in a better quarterback class next year, at the top of the draft or somewhere in the draft."

The option that Brinson was most fond of is an emerging report surrounding the Arizona Cardinals' 2018 first-round pick and starting quarterback Josh Rosen. When spoke with Brinson on Friday, the reports about the Redskins and Josh Rosen had not emerged, and Brinson's theory was purely his own.

Brinson spoke very highly of Rosen, saying that he would be a great get for the Redskins. Brinson believes that in order for the Redskins to potentially acquire Rosen, it could cost the No.15-overall pick. Brinson admitted that it might be a costly price, but was adamant about Rosen's skill set.

"To me Josh Rosen would be the top quarterback prospect in this draft as he was coming out," Brinson said. "So you're buying low on a quarterback who is a pro ready prospect who would be good in Jay Gruden's system because of the way that he plays behind that offensive line."

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