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Beacon Building Products, Proud Partner of the Washington Commanders, Honor our Nations' Heroes as Beacon of Hope Winners

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On Friday, November 11, Beacon Building Products announced ten grand prize winners of the 2022 Beacon of Hope award, a nationwide contest awarding deserving veterans with new roofs. As a proud partner of the Washington Commanders, the Beacon of Hope program represents Beacon's commitment to our nation's veterans and their continued support of the Washington Salute program. In years past, the contest awarded six veterans with grand prizes, but thanks to additional support from Beacon's partners, the initiative was expanded to award ten veterans this year.

Through the Beacon of Hope program, Beacon delivers and facilitates roof replacement for the each of the ten deserving veteran contest winners. The Beacon of Hope contest was created to help veterans facing adversity across the United States by providing new roofs and uplifted spirits. Now in its fourth year running, the program has represented Beacon's longstanding commitment to the veteran and local communities. The campaign is an opportunity and privilege for Beacon and the Commanders to give back to our veterans, helping them to secure a basic need: a safe home secured by a reliable roof. For those who have given so much to their countries and communities, it is an honor for Beacon and the Commanders to recognize these worthy grand prize winners.

As the program has grown, so have the number of nominations. After thousands of nominations and an extensive internal review process, the Beacon team narrows down ten of the most compelling stories and individuals to honor with a new roof. Below, please join the Beacon Building Products team and the Washington Commanders in congratulating the 2022 winners and read their stories! If you or a veteran you know may be a deserving nominee, please keep an eye out for our 2023 announcement, next summer!

For more information on Beacon Building Products and the Beacon of Hope campaign please visit

Washington Salute recognizes the duty to serve and support those who have courageously fought for our freedom and is an opportunity to thank our military for their continued selfless efforts to serve our country. A first of its kind in the NFL, Washington Salute allows service members to connect with the team and with each other, sharing stories, experiences, and the shared passion with year-round benefits, as part of the team's commitment to 365-day programming and support. Mission: Honoring, Empowering, & Connecting Service Members, Veterans, and their Families the Largest Military Community in the Country. Setting a League Wide Standard for Military Programs & Events Throughout the NFL.


Matt served in the Army and did three combat tours in Iraq. Unfortunately, he was injured (internal/nerve damage/PTSD) when a lower house level blew up beneath him. After being honorably discharged, Matt was lucky enough to be given "Jet," his service dog. Regardless of what Matt has been dealt, he is always there for others. He and his family were so proud when they were able to purchase their home, however, the roof needs repairs. Together with his wife and son, Matthew lives in Newnan, Georgia. 


Master Corporal Margot B. is a Canadian Armed Forces Medic who has dedicated her life to helping others. Throughout her career, her Chain of Command often recognized her as performing above and beyond her call of duty. Today she lives with her spouse David, who is also in the Armed Forces, and their two children in Trenton Ontario, Canada. She continues to serve others by organizing special events for Veterans to help them recover from the traumas inflicted by their service for our country. 


Steven served his country for 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, retiring as a Gunnery Sergeant. After retirement, he started having issues walking and it took the VA years to finally diagnose Steven with MS. Now unable to walk, he spends most of his life in a power wheelchair. Steven manages to wheel around in his yard, raking leaves and such, doing what he can. He and his wife Becky teach a Sunday School class at his church and are an inspiration to others. Unfortunately, his insurance company just dropped coverage of his roof this year. Steven and his wife reside in Murphy, NC.


Ralph H. voluntarily enlisted in the Army and served for three years in Germany. He then received an honorary discharge. Due to health reasons, Ralph is now almost completely bed ridden making home maintenance impossible. Ralph and his wife are trying to save for a new roof, but as everything has gone up in price, it has become very difficult. They have a good neighbor that has made small repairs to their roof in hopes that it will last until a new roof is in their budget. Unfortunately, they are fearful that it will not last through the winter. Ralph and his wife reside in Taylorstown, PA

VFW POST 7302.

VFW Post 7302 strives to create a vibrant place for our local Veterans and active-duty soldiers to join and find the support they need. One of the most welcoming features of Post 7302, are the ceiling tiles. These tiles memorialize those who served and were part of our local community and did not make it home and to honor our Post members who have served and came back to US soil. Post 7302's roof is in desperate need of repair, and there is much water damage on the tiles that we use to honor and memorialize our local Veterans. It is becoming more difficult to create a vibrant place to serve our local Veterans and families when they cannot afford this basic necessity - roof repairs.


Annie, also known as "Granny Annie," served in the United States Army. Also, a widow of a Veteran, Annie is facing financial issues. At 71, Annie is still an active girl scout leader, bakes cookies for many high school sport meets, and cares deeply for her community. Recently she battled cancer and is now in remission. She lives in constant stress worrying over the roof that she cannot afford to replace. Stress cannot be good for her cancer. Despite facing adversity, Annie continues to help others, even providing them with a roof over their heads in her own home. She gave a roof from her heart and now she deserves a roof for her home. Annie resides in San Diego, CA.


Francois R. is a cadet at the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) and a volunteer member of the Royal Canadian Legion. Francois comes from a proud military family where his father, uncle and brother all served. It was his family that inspired him to enlist in the military at the age of 46 to serve his country, Canada. As a homeowner of a tiny house, his roof deserves a little love. Francois lives in Shawinigan, Quebec.


Randy served 4 years in the Marine Corps and in that time, he deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months. During his time in combat, his vehicle was struck by an I.E.D where he and 3 other Marines suffered lifelong injuries from the blast. Randy led the convoy that day, and after the blast his first thought was to make sure his fellow Marines were okay. It was a miracle they all survived and till this day, he checks up on his Marines. After he got out of the military, he battled with PTSD and with his transition out of the Marines. Shortly after the birth of his son, an opportunity arose for him in Virginia to work as a contractor. Once in Virginia, it was very difficult for him to keep the family afloat due to the job falling through. Eventually, Randy landed a good job at a college campus and thanks to his service in the military, he was able to secure a VA loan for a home for his family. Randy lives in Woodbridge, Virginia with his wife and son


Kuuleme served in the US Navy during the Gulf War era. She is medically retired with injuries to her knees, back and neck. She also now suffers from Lupus. Despite these ailments, Kuuleme is working to raise her two children along with two nieces that have special needs. In addition to her duties as head of household, caregiver, and mother, Kuuleme works as a Service Officer in Disabled American Veterans (DAV). In this role, she assists other disabled Veterans in filing claims with various organizations and assisting with much needed services and counseling. Kuuleme is also an advocate for Crime Victims United assisting victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The fight for everyone to have a safe, healthy, and secure home did not end with her Navy retirement, it continues today. The roof on her home needs replacing and the cost is beyond her means. Kuuleme, who provides hope to so many, could use a Beacon of Hope.


Clifford is a retired Coast Guardsman who served from 1966-1986. In Vietnam, he served aboard the USCG Cutter Barataria and performed fire support missions and was exposed to Agent Orange. In 1974, he and his wife lost 3 children in a car fire. Despite their family tragedy, Clifford and his wife had 5 other children. A softspoken gentleman, Clifford would give anyone the shirt off his back if they asked for it. Plagued the last few years with a myriad of health issues, most related to his military service, he has had multiple GI bleeds, throat issues, 3 mini strokes, and a detached retina, and now has permanent damage to his right eye. Clifford's issues prevent him from being able to do many repairs that he would normally do. He is a proud Veteran and would rather struggle a little than ask for assistance because "there are others who need it more than me" (his words). Clifford lives in Phippsburg, ME with his wife and is a proud father and grandfather.

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