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BHM Spotlights - Zandra Carson

Zandra Carson

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager

Zandra Carson

Time at Commanders: 10 years

Describe what you do with the organization. What's your favorite part about what you do?

My main responsibility is to work alongside our partner, Jani-King, to ensure the overall cleanliness of the stadium. I also handle quite a few administrative duties, ranging from vendor payment inquiries/processing invoices for Operations to mail distribution and office supply procurement for both the stadium and the College Park office.  
I have always been a person that has worked behind the scenes. I think the favorite part about what I do is not just the relationships that I've built over the years, but it's that moment when I can see the "why" after all of the hours we spend doing what we do.

What's a work-related accomplishment that you're really proud of?

The thing that I am most proud of is really my path to get to where I am now. Working in Guest Services on gamedays provided me the door that I needed to start my career in sports, and it took off from there. I worked my way up through Guest Services then transitioned into Operations. My hard work and patience finally paid off.

What inspires you to come to work each day?

My inspiration comes from the fact that working in sports is something that I have always envisioned myself doing. It allows me to use my experience from the hospitality industry, work with a great group of people and be around a game that I love. My path here took some time, so I make sure to embrace every moment.

How has your heritage shaped who you are today?

Faith is probably the most important thing. That's the one thing that I have to rely on that no one can take away from me and can get me through everything.

What does this month mean to you?

Black History Month is a time to reflect and to recognize all of the contributions that we have made throughout history and those that are being made today. But it's also a time of discovery where we may learn a nugget of information that isn't widely known.

What quote or mantra do you live by?

I have a sign on my desk that says, "Positive attracts Positive". Where your focus goes, your energy flows. This is a reminder to me that when I show gratitude and focus on the good things that it not only draws more of those things to me but can also be a blessing to someone else. Every day is a blessing; we just have to be willing to see it.