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Salute to Service Month Spotlights - Ebony Adomanis

Ebony Adomanis

Administrative Assistant, Washington Branded

Ebony Adomanis_STS

Relationship to the Military/Military Background:

Spouse of active-duty Air Force officer

What does your military connection/time in the military mean to you? How has it impacted your life?

"My husband joining the Air Force was I think the best decision he could have made for our family at the time. He has been able to gain the highest level of education in his specific area of interest, all the way up to getting his PhD in physics. We've moved around a decent amount and been exposed to several different places. I think that's instilled a certain kind of resilience within our kids. Our older two didn't have any qualms about going off to college. No serious fears about making friends or anything like that. They are very good with navigating new situations and meeting new people."

Why is it important to honor Salute to Service month?

"I think it's important for the general civilian public to know what goes into being in the military. It's not always a glamorous life, and there is a lot of adjusting you need to do. Military members do sacrifice a lot. For example, my husband missed the birth of his only son, and he missed our oldest daughter's junior prom. There's a lot of times where I'm the only adult in the house because he's away. I think it's just important to shed light on what life for service members and their loved ones can be like."