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Military Appreciation Club Answers The Question: "What Military Branch(es) Have You Served In?"


On Thursday, March 26, we asked all of the active duty, reserve, and veteran fans in the Washington Redskins Military Appreciation Club which military branch they served in. We wanted to know which military branch was the most prevalent in our community, and our fan base didn't disappoint! Across all three @RedskinsSalute social media platforms, we received hundreds of responses and an outpoor of support from our fanbase!

The results surprised few but the United States Army prevailed with three times as many submissions as any other military branch. The United States Air Force and United States Navy tied for second. The United States Marines followed closely behind, and Semper Paratus to our coasties who fell in last. We're offering a huge shoutout to the few, the strong, the United States Army! We love all of our fans and military branches equally and we can't thank you all enough for having fun with the thread!

See below as some participants proudly sent us photos of their time in the service!

Thank you for sharing this great picture of you with your fellow US Army Paratroopers!

We cannot thank you enough for your 30 years of service in the US Coast Guard. That shows impressive dedication to defending our country.

Maurice, we love this throwback picture from your time in the United States Air Force. HTTR!

Rich, we always love hearing from you! Thank you for continuing to serve our country for over 16 years now.

These are some great throwback pictures Clark. Thank you for your service in the US Army.

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