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Redskins Salute Hosts Virtual Murph Challenge with a Star-Studded Navy SEAL Cast

2020 Murph Challenge Screen Shot

On Sunday, May 10th, the Redskins were joined by a group of esteemed individuals to participate in the first ever virtual Murph Challenge. The event kicked off at 10 A.M. on Mother's Day with Jade Kenny introducing us to Michael Sauers, founder of the Murph Challenge. Joining Michael were former Navy SEALs Robert O'Neil and Marcus Luttrell.

The Murph Challenge normally consists of a 1-mile run followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, then another 1-mile run to finish it off. All while wearing body armor. This year, Mike explained, things would be different. Due to participants working out from home this year, there would be alternate events for the 1-mile runs and pull-up portions of the challenge.

With the events explained and the participants starting their individual workouts, Jade got the opportunity to speak to the SEALs about their military experience and their relationship with LT Michael Murphy, whom the challenge is named after. Robert O'Neil, former leader of SEAL Team 6 and accredited with taking down Osama Bin Laden, and Marcus Luttrell, the 'Lone Survivor' and friend of LT Michael Murphy, talked about their experience as Navy SEALS, relationships with LT Michael Murphy, and gave us insight how they've stayed in shape during quarantine.

LT Murphy sacrificed his life while serving his country overseas and the Murph Challenge was created to honor his legacy. Michael Sauers, creator of the challenge, said "The Murph is comparable to an everyday SEAL workout… it's quite challenging compared to a normal civilian workout but gives everyone the opportunity to experience what a SEAL might go through working out".

Former Washington Redskins Wide Receiver and two-time Super Bowl Champion, Gary Clark, also joined in to support the Murph Challenge. Clark stated his goal is to one day be able to do the challenge himself, and that he is honored to be a part of the challenge and of the Redskins Salute Program. Then, First Lady of Football, Ashley M, joined the stream with her father, a former Navy SEAL, who connect with the fellow Navy SEALS he was familiar with already!

The final interview took place with two Navy SEAL participants, Eddie Gallagher and Chuck Stration Jr, as well as Navy employee Therese Guinane who were interviewed on the status of their workouts! At the conclusion of the event, we were joined by Daniel Murphy, LT Michael Murphy's father. Mr. Murphy spoke on the Michael Murphy Foundation and the LT Michael Murphy Museum (soon to open), as well as LT Murphy's best Murph Challenge time, which was 28 minutes!

Redskins Salute would like to thank Michael Sauers, Samantha Bonilla, Robert O'Neil, Marcus Luttrell, Mr. Daniel Murphy, Ashley M & her father, Gary Clark, and all of our virtual participants for a fantastic kick off to the Virtual Murph Challenge Series and Mother's Day 2020! Stay tuned for more Virtual Redskins Salute events to come!

We challenge all NFL teams and gyms across the National Capital Region to join us in keeping Murph Challenge 2020 alive and well!

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