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Redskins Salute Military Appreciation Club Members Share Family Photos

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On Tuesday, February 25th, we asked the Redskins Salute community to share pictures of their military families on their social media account. There was an out-pour of responses to the request, and we loved seeing the enthusiasm and engagement from our most committed fans. Military spouses and children sacrifice as much if not more than service members, and we couldn't be prouder to honor them and celebrate their service. With over twenty total responses, we were so excited to see the families of our military fans and send each participant a Redskins Salute fan package out of appreciation. Thank you to everyone who participated and keep your eye on our social media accounts for more opportunities to come!

Thank you, Susan Lewis, for sharing photos of your spouse and son in uniform.

Marine Corps Veteran Chris Bryant shows off a photo of him embracing his newborn daughter. Beautiful picture Chris.

Christie Lopez told us how not only her dad, but both grandfathers are veterans! The dog isn't a bad touch either!

Redskins Salute regular Rich Crites shows off his family decked out in Redskins gear.

Tammy Lucas and her husband served in the Air Force for a combined 44 years!

Dave Huffman and his young daughter after returning from deployment. Thanks for sharing such a special moment Dave!

Troy Dodd and his BIG military family overseas in Dubai!

Here we have William Trower and his main inspirations, his sons!

Shout out to Henry Blethen for sharing these awesome pictures from his time serving!

Donna Miller shared a great picture of her learning her learning her son's MOS!

Here is Tyler Payne with his beautiful military family!

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