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Ten Newest Greatest Redskins Announced


At the 51st annual Redskins Welcome Home Luncheon, the franchise celebrated 80 years of rich football history with the unveiling of the 10 names to be added the list of Greatest Redskins of All-Time.

With a exclusive, the following 10 names will be announced shortly at the event.  To watch the introductions and the highlight video, tune in to the live Ustream broadcast at around 12:45 p.m.

[Note: The following Redskins were selected based on the first ever fan vote, combined with the contributions of a Redskins blue-ribbon panel.  This is the text of their introductory videos.]



"LaVar Arrington "leaped" into the NFL as the second overall pick in 2000.  He immediately made an impact, as the Redskins defense finished in the Top-10, five-of-the-next-six years.  Explosive and powerful, Arrington could run sideline to sideline to take down an opponent, as the Cowboys' Troy Aikman and many others found out over the years."



"As the Redskins general manager, Bobby Beathard was the architect behind the Redskins Super Bowl success.  He and head coach Joe Gibbs Presided over one of the most successful eras in D.C. sports history.  Beathard drafted, among others, future Hall of Famers Art Monk, Darrell Green and Russ Grimm, also signing undrafted rookies such as Joe Jacoby and veterans like Doug Williams."



"Legendary assistant coach Joe Bugel was the architect behind the Redskins' dominant offensive lines in the '80's.  The physical and synchronized play of his "Hogs" dominated his opponents with power and precision.  Returning to the Redskins for a second stint in 2004, Bugel developed a new generation of outstanding linemen.  "Buges" Joe Bugel…one of a kind."



"Terry Hermeling was signed as a free agent in 1970.  For the next 10 years, he would anchor the offensive line, playing in 120 games as a Redskin.  Clearing a path for running backs from Larry Brown to John Riggins, Hermeling was a reliable blocker and a member of the Redskins' first Super Bowl team."



"Jon Jansen anchored the right side of the offensive line for almost 10 years.  Helping pave the way for a ground-and-pound running attack, standing at six-foot-six and over 300 pounds, Jansen was a physical and steady Redskins.  A true leader on and off the field!"



"Becoming a Redskin in 1971, Jefferson wasted no time in making an impact, leading the team in receptions.  As clutch a receiver as there was in the NFL, Roy was a three-time Pro Bowler in the burgundy and gold, helping the team to an NFC Championship and it's first ever Super Bowl appearance."



"After a playing career as an All-Pro safety, Petitbon etched his name with the all-time greats as the defensive guru of the Redskins' Super Bowl teams.  Creating Washington's reputation for defensive excellence, he's one of only three Redskins to participate in all five of the team's Super Bowl appearances."



"Running back Clinton Portis broke free on a 64-yard touchdown run on his very first carry as a Redskin, foreshadowing his career in the burgundy and gold.  Portis was a hard runner and ferocious blocker.  He holds the team's all-time single season rushing record, and ended his Redskins career as the second-leading rusher in franchise history."



"Chris Samuels was a six-time Pro Bowler with the Washington Redskins, and a mainstay at left tackle for 10 seasons.  A consummate pro, he was physical, reliable, responsible and accountable.  A credit to the burgundy and gold and all that those colors represent."



"A hard-hitting safety out of the University of Miami, No. 21 could cover the entire field, and when he reached the point of attack…that's just what he would do.  While his career was tragically cut short just as he was reaching his prime, Taylor's memory in the hearts of Redskins fans will live on forever."




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