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Wake Up Washington | Rivera has "little bit of fun" with Heinicke's post-win tradition


Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke went viral last month after the media learned he celebrates wins by buying a pair of Air Jordans in the color of the opponent Washington just defeated. A handful of victories and several sneakers later, head coach Ron Rivera aired his feelings on the quarterback's fun tradition. 

"I think it's cool. I really do because it's kind of Taylor's shtick right now," Rivera said.  

There has been positive energy percolating around the facility in recent weeks, as Washington has won five of its last six games. Those victory vibes have perhaps cracked the door open for some playful opportunities for both coaches and players  

"And just so you know, I poked a little bit of fun at him the other day. I broke out my own Jordans just to get on him a little bit," Rivera said before pulling out the green-and-white kicks behind his desk. "Best part of it was I put on a Taylor Heinicke t-shirt too."  

Recently, Heinicke has been spreading the shoe love to his teammates who have responded with excitement. On and off the field, this quarterback has a way of generating camaraderie and good feeling.  

"It's kind of funny, because I got some of the defensive guys screaming at him, 'Hey, why don't you get us a couple?'" Rivera said. "So who knows, right now I know he is working on the tight ends…Last week did the offensive line. So, it's kind of a neat thing."

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