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Wake Up Washington | What Brian Robinson's return means for Commanders' offense


Brian Robinson has been officially designated to return to practice after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his right leg, and that means plenty of good things for the Washington Commanders.

The hope, head coach Ron Rivera said on Monday, is for Robinson's return to be a boost for the offense, particularly in the run game. Robinson showed in training camp and the preseason that he can add another dimension to the backfield, and that is what they expect once he is officially added back to the active roster.

That last point is critical, because while it is a great sign that Robinson is back in pads and on the field, there are still some obstacles he needs to overcome. Until then, Rivera and the Commanders want to manage their expectations.

"We have to be smart about how we're gonna handle him," Rivera said. "We gotta handle those expectations. We also gotta handle, what he's gonna go through physically and mentally. It is a different set of circumstances. I don't know of any other player that I've coached that's had to go through this."

Rivera said that Robinson will "apparently not initially" have any limitations in practice. However, the team does want to see how he reacts to certain things. For example, the Commanders will have a padded practice on Wednesday, so they want to see how he handles contact.

"He'll get to bump around a little bit and see how he handles that and then we'll go from there," Rivera said.

Robinson has taken several strides in his recovery, from working through agility drills to running routes before the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Participating in practice is a different workload, though, and the team may elect to ramp him up as opposed to letting him loose against the Titans.

It will depend on how Robinson handles the week, but when he does return to the active roster, Rivera is expecting big things from the rookie.

"We'll see how that goes," Rivera said. "I'm optimistic about it. Just in listening to everything I've heard, it's very promising. But again, as I said, the plan is to not activate him but start his clock on Wednesday and see how he does and if he continues to progress, there's a very good chance he'll be able to play on Sunday."

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