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#PickSix: Some Preseason Ponderings

Logan Thomas hauls in the pass during practice in Ashburn, Virginia. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)
Logan Thomas hauls in the pass during practice in Ashburn, Virginia. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)

The opinions expressed in this article do not reflect those of the team.

After months (which has felt like years) of waiting, the Washington Football Team will be facing off against another team. It's gameday; get hyped.

There's a lot to talk about before Washington takes on the New England Patriots tonight, so let's get right to it. Here's what fans want to know this week.

-- William S.: We finally get to enjoy a top TE in Logan, but why doesn't the team trade for another seasoned and accomplished TE to pair with him in two TE sets? If Thomas goes down, especially for a length of time, what will the team do?

I'll start off by saying this, William: I think Washington likes what it has at tight end outside of Logan Thomas, so I don't think they're in the market. But even if they were, it would be easier said than done to make that trade. There are plenty of accomplished tight ends in the NFL, including one or two great ones, but good luck finding a team willing to part with them because of how invaluable they are to modern offenses.

Even if Washington could find a seller, how much would it be willing to give up? And more importantly, would the other team agree to the terms? There's a lot of things to consider. But again, they're comfortable with the options they have to handle plenty of responsibilities, and that includes two tight end sets.

-- Jeff G.: Is Matt Ioannidis ready to go?

Matt Ioannidis was practicing with his teammates for the first time in a while and looked fine running through plays. The team has been ramping him up for his eventual return, and he said after Tuesday's practice that his concern was "low." That said, the team doesn't want to rush him back into playing heavy snap counts when he isn't ready, which is why they've been easing him back on their time schedule. So, in terms of whether or not he's ready to go, barring any setbacks, he seems to be on track for the regular season.

-- Eric B.: There has been a lot of talk about our defense, but how special can Jamin Davis really be? Does he really have a chance to be a top 5 LB in the league in the next few years?

I received a couple questions like this, so I'll just answer them all at once. Let's chill out on the Top 5 discussions. It's a little too early to be thinking about that...for now. In fairness, though, Ron Rivera and Steve Russ are excited about what Davis can bring to the defense. He's a quick, intelligent and sound tackler who has been the starting middle linebacker throughout camp. Former linebackers like Rivera and Jack Del Rio wouldn't give that role to just any rookie. So yeah, Davis could be very special, but let's give him time to develop before we put any kind of predictions out there.

-- Tim C.: Who is a player who can take down an advancing ball carrier and stop them in their tracks?

There are several who I believe are capable of that, but I'll single out Cole Holcomb because he's literally been one of Washington's best tacklers since his rookie season. He was second behind Landon Collins with 105 tackles in 2019, and he was third in 2020. On top of that, two-thirds of his 177 career tackles have been solo stops. By all accounts, Rivera's included, Holcomb is having an "excellent" camp, so he's expected to have even more standout performances in Year 3.

-- Jamaine C.: How is the atmosphere around the camp? Are there good signs of the team, coaching staff gelling together or still too soon?

It's definitely not too soon, Jamaine, because this team has been fun to watch. The defense is as dominant as usual, and the offense has been making steady progress and building chemistry. The competition has been as intense as it can be in practice. At the same time, every player, regardless of what side of the ball they're on, wants to make everyone else better. What's more, the fact that preseason games are making a comeback this year provides even more opportunities to mesh together.

-- @DubP23: Have they decided on the Online starters for Thursday... What about a Saahdiq Charles update?

The best answer I can give you is the unofficial depth chart, which you can find HERE. As for Saahdiq Charles, he's looked solid in camp thus far. He's been playing some at guard and tackle, which speaks to his versatility. He's held his own against Washington's front, so it'll be interesting to see how he performs in a game situation