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WWI Redskins Touch Points 

WWI Posts

As we recognize the 100th anniversary of WWI, learn more about the Redskins connections during that time of American History.

·        A draft card found of William Lonestar Dietz – dated Sept 12, 1918. Dietz was an American Indian from Sioux Nation who was the coach for the Boston Braves from 1933 – 1934

·        Draft Cards have been found of George Preston Marshall - dated June 5, 1917

·        Draft card have been found Harry Lombardi - Vince Lombardi's father: dated June 5 1917

·        Draft card and service record found for Vincent L Izzo - V. Lombardi's uncle (brother of his mother)

·        Draft cards have been found from Earl Allen father of George Allen (Redskins coach 1970 - 1971)

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