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AAPI Month Bios - Johnny Grassi

Johnny Grassi

Account Executive, Business Development

Johnny Grassi

AAPI ancestry/background: Thai. Johnny was born in Bangkok, Thailand to a Thai mother and Italian-American father. He lived in Thailand for a year and a half before the family moved to Florida.

What he does at the Commanders: Whether showing a local tech company how they can treat clients in a suite or helping a family lock in season tickets, Johnny's work as an account executive for the business development team focuses on providing business and fans with exciting entertainment options at the stadium. Fun fact – because Johnny can make anywhere from 60-100 outbound calls a day, he often drinks a gallon of water before noon even starts.

His favorite Thai traditions: "I think I could definitely be more attuned to the traditions and culture. I'm working on getting more involved in the different groups and associations linked to the AAPI community, but I do try to honor the Thai New Year, trying to go out to a Thai restaurant and contribute to the business of the local Thai community. I'm also looking to spice it up in the kitchen more in terms of making Thai-inspired food."

How his Thai heritage has shaped him: "My mom worked so hard to put me in a position to move from Thailand to USA. She only did some high school, and she worked her way up through many different jobs up to positions that people without high school degrees don't get. Her embodiment of hard work and perseverance is something that has carried through to me. Also something about Thai culture, Thailand is known as the 'land of smiles' and in a bubbly sales role like I'm in where I'm trying to pump people up and get people excite, I always look to bring that mentality to whatever it is I'm doing."

What AAPI Heritage Month means to him: "It brings up a great opportunity to show solidarity with people from all different walks of life. I want people to learn more about the traditions of Thai culture and have people see the contributions our community has made, the ways we're excelling in society. You know, there's Thai doctors out there, consultants and business people. I think it's also about uniting the different members of the Thai-American population who are living in a specific area and growing that community."

Favorite quote/mantra: "Don't worry about the fear of being judged by society or the fear of failing. Follow your heart, you will find peace in it and enjoy the freedom of doing what you love."