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Wake Up Washington | Commanders finding a running back rhythm


The run game was all the rage yesterday as the Washington Commanders toppled the Green Bay Packers in Week 7 at FedExField. Since Brian Robinson Jr.’s return against the Titans, Washington's coaching staff has been figuring out the best way to use the weapons in Washington's running room.

And against Green Bay, they looked to have found a great rhythm.

"You have a guy [Robinson] that's pretty much a hammer that is a very physical runner inside," Rivera said in speaking about Robinson's and Gibson's respective strengths after the win. "Then you see Antonio [Gibson] use his athleticism, his vision, his speed and quickness to take that ball and bounce it outside and turn the corner."

The goal with the Robinson-Gibson duo is to use them dynamically to get the opposing defense out of position and with an inability to anticipate what is going to come at them next.

"That's how the tandem works is that you got one guy that can hammer it up inside," Rivera said. "He's gonna soften a little bit and you bring a guy in that has the ability to go inside but can balance it, and he bounces it a couple times now it stretches the defense, you come back, you hand the ball back off to Brian going inside. And all of a sudden there's a crease or two that wasn't there earlier. And again, that's kind of based on being able to mix those guys up."

Beyond what the two backs can do on the ground, Rivera is excited about maximizing their receiving abilities as well, something was Gibson displayed particularly well against the Packers.

"This is one of the things that we also gotta continue to be aware of is we threw the ball to Antonio four times and three of them were big catches," Rivera said. "One of them was for a touchdown. And the same thing for B-Rob. We got the ball twice into his hands for catches as well."

Add J.D. McKissic to the mix like the offense has also been doing and these three complimentary backs form a Cerberus sure to strike fear into any defense.

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