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Wake Up Washington | How Commanders recover, respond after Giants loss will be 'true test'


The Washington Commanders might be experiencing some whiplash after having 13 days between their previous two games and five days between the game against the New York Giants and the upcoming matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.   

Though the short turnaround has meant some mixing and shifting of a "typical" week of practice, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio gets the sense that the players are ready for what is expected of them in order to get ready for San Francisco on Saturday.  

"Today's a Thursday. I think the guys understand what they're getting, what we're doing," Del Rio said. "The biggest thing is to fight for your recovery as a player, as a coach. I'm sure there'll be some good naps on the plane going out, but it's important that the guys really fight for the recovery." 

It would be easy to still feel down about how the night unfolded for the Commanders on Sunday considering all the factors going into it. But part of being a good professional is having a short memory.   

"We looked at what we needed to look at, turn the page and no one's going to feel sorry for us. It's a typical NFL deal," said offensive coordinator Scott Turner. "I mean, we got another big one coming up against a really good team on the road."  

The way Washington re-focuses and steps up to the next challenge following the Week 15 disappointment will speak volumes about this team.   

"You can't let this one beat you twice," Turner said. "It's unfortunate. It's frustrating, but it's part of life in this league and you're gonna deal with ups and downs and how you respond to adversity is going to be the true test of kind of how your season goes."

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