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Wake Up Washington | Jamin Davis wearing the green dot against Eagles is "huge" step in leadership, development


After the Vikings game, head coach Ron Rivera felt like Jamin Davis had shown he was ready to take on more leadership duties on the defense.  

"Just thinking about, 'Hey, you know what? His role's expanded.' It's time, and so we did," Rivera said.  

As an acknowledgment of that expanded role and recent impressive performances, the Commanders coaching staff decided that Davis should be given the green dot for Washington's Monday Night Football game against Philadelphia. The simple sticker on the back of the helmet comes with a lot of responsibility; this player is the one member of the defense who's in contact with the coaching staff between plays.   

For the linebacker, getting the green dot represents a big milestone on a journey in his second year.   

"[It's] Huge. It really is. Not only just handling the huddle, but getting the calls out and setting everything up," Rivera said. "He's really grown in probably the last six, seven weeks. You've really seen the growth."  

Part of the growth has been a switch in coaching approach to how to get the best out of Davis.  

"This is a kid that needs to be pushed, that needs to be challenged, needs to be gotten after because he's used to it. That's kind of how we feel like, okay, we've gotten a lot out of him and just get after him, and he [Jack Del Rio] stays with him," Rivera said. "So, you learned a little bit about how to deal with the personality."  

Rivera felt good about how Davis handled the new role against the Eagles, and the defense as a whole certainly stepped up to the challenge of facing one of the league's best offenses. Considering the result, there is reason to believe Davis will be sporting the sticker yet again in the future.

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