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Candess' New Homeowner Blog


Hey Redskins fans,

Recently, I have added a new major accomplishment under my belt and that is becoming a first time homeowner! I feel extremely blessed to have been able to achieve this goal less than a year after graduating college. It has been a long time dream of mine and it is so rewarding to see my hard work come to fruition.

I mentally made a decision to start saving up to buy a home my senior year of college but it was not until around the holidays last year did I start taking the process seriously and actually hired a realtor. Initially, I was open to choosing either a resale or new construction home but it wasn't until my realtor showed me the custom options that were available for a new construction did I set my heart on buying a home to build from the ground up. I was able to hand pick every single detail about my house: the facade style and color, the countertop pattern, the sink style...everything! I am not going to lie, the process was slightly overwhelming, mostly because it is my first time going through something like this but I had the advice and support from my family to help me make my best decisions. The house took about six months to build so I was able to watch and take picture of the house from dirt to drywall to paint!

My biggest advice to those considering buying a home is plan early and efficiently! Buying a home is a huge financial commitment; it is important to consider the expenses that come with either buying a new construction or renovating a resale home. This process made me realize how important it is to stay organized in all aspects of your life because you are able to get a clearer view of not only your finances, but also your life in general. I am most definitely still learning as I go, but if you all have any other questions (or tips) you can always find me on Twitter @WRC_Candess so follow & tweet me!

Wishing you all the best in your homeowner journey,

Candess xoxo

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