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Ceci Represents the First Ladies at the 2020 Pro Bowl

2020-ceci-blog-Ceci's PB Card 2020

The day is finally here! As I triple check my packing list, run routines in my head and make sure my coffee doesn't spill all over the aisle of this plane, so many thoughts and emotions run through my head. I'm beyond excited. I think about the incredible woman I'll meet and their unique stories. I think about how I get to spend an incredible week with leaders like Ron Kellum, Maria Gianninni, and Jackie Bob Pearson. I think about how my Pro Bowl Sisters and I will look performing the 10 routines (yes – 10 routines we had to learn on our own prior to this week) in each of our different uniforms together. But honestly, I do feel anxious that my team isn't with me. I find myself trying to answer questions on my own: "Did I pack enough tights? Where's my box of safety pins & extra rhinestones? Did I set an out-of-office message on my work email? Is that "high-V" motion on 7 or 8?" But in the midst of feeling stressed, I'm comforted knowing I have an ENTIRE sisterhood backing me every step of the way.

You get that sense of trust when you're a part of a team. Trust is the reason I make sure I know every count, every motion, every routine for every game – for my sisters. It's the reason I continue to push myself in technique and physical strength – for my sisters. It's the reason I make sure I try to keep a positive attitude, be a light, and strive to inspire outside of cheer – for my sisters. It's also the reason I'm not afraid to fall because I trust that they'll always be there for me, regardless if I make a mistake out there or not (which I'll do my best not to ;)). I know they support all of me – the grace and the grit, and if they trust me to represent at the Pro Bowl, I can trust myself that I already have everything I need to succeed.

I may have been the only one chosen to represent the First Ladies, but it's not about me – it's about them. I'm ready to share our experiences, our stories, and all that makes us the First Ladies of Football the way that my team deserves. I can't wait for an amazing week filled with tons of performances and appearances leading up to the big day with my new Pro Bowl sisters, knowing my sisters back home in DC are here with me. Because while I'm technically by myself, I never truly have to be alone.


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