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Chantelle and the Squad Arrive in China

Hi Redskins Fans,

After counting down for weeks, the time was finally here for our Hong Kong trip!! I never would have thought that I would be able to go to China. I was beyond excited when we were presented with the opportunity to perform in the nationally televised Chinese New Year night parade!

The journey began for me on Tuesday morning where I meet my group at 4am at the airport.  I couldn't even sleep the evening before because I was packing and making sure I was set for my trip. After meeting my group and checking in, some of us grabbed a bite to eat while waiting for our 7am flight to JFK. Before long, we were flying out to New York and my anticipation grew as I realized how close I was to actually being in China. With a layover of a couple of hours upon us, my group got to eat and wait again while catching up with each other until the second group of ladies flew in from D.C.

When our WRC groups finally united, we got to take pictures and some video with the Cathaway Pacific flight crew who were so sweet and kind to us. It soon came time to board the plane for our wonderful 16 hour flight to the other side of the world!

The flight was nothing less than smooth sailing as we watched movies and went in and out of sleep. When we left the plane and went to collect our luggage, all I kept thinking to myself was how lucky I was to be here with my teammates and alumni to perform -It's still surreal to this moment.

A quick ride to the hotel with our tour guide George and a brief team meeting to go over our itinerary for the following day with Stephanie, was all we could pack into the evening before we hit the sack. We have a full day ahead of practices, speaking to the media, lunch on the water and even a tour tomorrow. The day starts bright and early for WRC... such an unforgettable experience so far.  

Let's bring in the Year of the Horse!! Welcome to Hong Kong!




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