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Where does five years go?? This part of my journey has shaped me into the woman I am falling in love with and I am more than thankful for it. I showed up to my first official practice as a Washington Redskins Cheerleader in 2013 not knowing that it would forever impact me. And taking the field for the last time in December knowing how much this team had changed me.  There's no place that I would have rather been, the ups and downs and always a lesson to be learned, this walk has led me to find myself again. Going into this year I knew it would be my last so I tried my best to live, feel and breathe in the moment because at the end of the day they are all you will have, the moments... Those practices are where you bond with your teammates and learn more about yourself. Those performances are where you get to shine and truly have all eyes on you. Those times when you are recognized are moments of realization that either your hard work paid off or that you need to work harder next time. Family and friends thank you for all of your support I wouldn't have be able to do this without be able to live out a dream. To my kids I hope your mother has made you proud. To my WRC ladies, cherish every moment. Appreciate the practices. Appreciate the directors when they are give you a critique or cheering you on and thank them. Hug your teammates and tell them you love them. Push yourself past your limits, and get stronger and better each day. Prove everyone wrong. Continue the legacy. Do it for everyone who came before you and for everyone that will come after you. Stay humble, choose happy and of course you better TWIRL. Redskins fans Thank you for embracing me as apart of the family. Once and Always Chantelle❤️

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