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Cheerleader Tena Blogs From Southwest Asia

Hey, this is Tena, reporting from Southwest Asia!

We traveled over 26 hours from D.C., through Germany, Abu Dhabi where we were welcomed by Lt. Loren Hulen and the Expeditionary Force Support Squad. Everything has been nothing short of amazing. From all the people we've met, to the accommodating facilities, to the many sections of the base where we've truly learned how hard our military works to keep us safe at home.

Our first night was spent singing kareokee with our Air Force and Army heros. We began Day 1 dinning at the DFAC (Dinning Facility) where we shared our life experiences, both as cheerleaders and servicemen, over eggs and Rip-It energy drinks.

Then we proceeded to the Security Forces and Kennel to see the MWD- Military Work Dog "Niko" take down our NFL Super Bowl Champion and travel companion, Marco Rivera. Later we saw radar tower trucks, Patriot missile launchers, outside medic tents, and met the mebers of the 'Top Cover' Band.

We performed later that evening and closed out the night line dancing.

Every moment has been full of exciting new experiences and information that has truely put things into perspective as to how amazing these men and women are.

From the courageous EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Bomb Squad, the fearless fire-fighters, to the impeccable intelligence of the flight line, this tour has only just begun and I've already been blown away time after time.

I can't wait to see what lies ahead in this amazing journey!

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