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Cheerleaders Marisa, Soldenise In Egypt

Hey Redskins Nation!

This is Marisa and Soldenise catching up with our fans as we continue our tour in Egypt. We had a great send-off in Cairo, from Larry and Dave, with a "fluka" boat ride on the Nile River – what a nice way to say goodbye to the Cairo leg of our trip!

The next morning we packed our bags and ventured on a 5-hour bus ride to North Camp, which is a Multinational Force and Observers base (MFO). While admiring the desert scenery we made sure to rest a bit too!

Once we made it to the camp, we went straight to work with some more practice to get ready for our show. Afterwards, we headed to the "5 and 9" to meet some of the troops. It was quite the international experience, as not only did we hang out with Americans, but we also met Canadians, Australians, Colombians and New Zealanders.

One thing we all have in common is we love to dance! In particular, we really got into doing the "Wobble." The North Camp men and women showed us a great time, and we enjoyed meeting everyone!

We are now on Day 5, starting our day by taking a ride out to a remote site near the Mediterranean Sea and the Gaza Strip. Donning our Kevlar vests, we loaded our vans and drove past the Bedouin people located outside our camp.

Once we got to camp, we received a warm welcome from Fijian troops. We climbed the lookout tower and got a great view of the surrounding area. We also put on a small show for them because they won't be able to make it to the one at North Camp! Speaking of our show, we are looking forward to performing tonight for North Camp!

It will be a show for 1,000 soldiers (a total of 13 Countries including US, Canada, New Zealand, Columbia, Fiji, Australia, Uruguay, Romania, Hungary & France.)

Everyone here has been so hospitable, and we had a fabulous time getting to know the men and women of North Camp.

As the Redskins players head off to Miami, the Redskins Cheerleaders head off to Sharm-al-Sheikh to visit South Camp.

Hail to our Redskins Nation!

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