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Coordinator Roundup: Redskins-Eagles


"I think it's the consistent theme that you talk about week in and week out. We got 11 guys playing and sometimes it's somebody up front, sometimes it's the quarterback, sometimes it's the back and what we have to do a better job of starting with the coach is collectively figure out plans to stay out of those situations where we might have some of those longer developing plays and things like that, but it is a combination of everybody."

On how much it bothers him to see all those sacks:

"It is frustrating because you always want to stay in manageable situations and I think a lot of it goes back to us not being in good third downs where you're forced if we're going to compete and get some of these longer situation third plays, they take a little bit longer to develop some of those routes down the field, so we got to do a better job of staying in third and manageables and where you do have the ability to get the ball out of your hand a little bit quicker."

On if getting DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon the ball on quick routes is something to combat pass rushes and if Robert Griffin III can handle it:

"It's definitely something that he can be effective at and anytime you have skilled guys on the perimeter like we do, you always want to find creative ways to get the ball in their hands quickly and each defense, the way that they align, kind of predicates the ability to be able to do that week in and week out and that's something that we adjust accordingly."

On his level of concern if he doesn't have Trent Williams and how his loss would change the gameplan:

"You certainly definitely want to have him available and I know that he'll do everything in his power to be available to play if he can and be out there to lead his teammates. But if not, those guys have to step up at those positions and then you adjust accordingly knowing that you don't have your stud left tackle playing."

On Chris Thompson:

"He got his first opportunity last week and the couple situations that did come up where he was asked to be used in protection, he stuck his face right on a guy and fit him up and gave the quarterback a clean pocket. And then the limited reps that he did have as far as receiving the football, he made a nice play catching that. He was the built in hot throw right there and he naturally leaked out in to the flat and made good catch and finished right there, so he'll continue to get better, but you're really able to evaluate those guys threw those game reps and so far he did a nice job.

On if he's phasing out Alfred Morris:

"He actually got banged up a little bit in the game. He had a groin issue and Alfred's a very consistent running back, always runs hard and anytime – you talk about the sacks issue – but looking at the running game it's a collective effort, too. It starts up front with those guys being able to get their blocks and then he's got to read it out and sometimes it might dictate him making somebody miss, but he's a guy that we have a lot of confidence in and it's been good to see Silas Redd and Chris Thompson and when [Roy] Helu Jr.'s got his opportunities, he's made plays as well.

On the importance of the running game this week in particular:

"It absolutely is. They're a very good offense and certainly want to be able to maintain control of the football and it all starts with the run game. Some of the things that we do well come off that run game action and even if you're not able to have success, you're able to open up some other things off of it, so that's always a big point of emphasis for us."

On if protection issues are more difficult to fix with more guys protecting:

"I think anytime in the NFL you go back to those third and longs where teams can really pin their ears back and rush the quarterback and defensive coordinators do an excellent job putting these blitz packages together week in and week out, and that's a big point of emphasis whether it by Coach Jordan with the running backs, Coach Foerster with our offensive line or Coach Gruden and myself with the quarterbacks as far as understanding the timing and rhythm of the plays and when the ball needs to come out based on whatever they're bringing."

Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett:


On what he preaches about being aggressive without getting penalties:**

"I'd rather have them be more aggressive than not aggressive. Two of those calls came back from the league office that one was not taunting and one was not pass interference. Obviously, we got to get the calls correct, but I like the way the kid competes like I've said it before and I would take that over the other way, but there is a fine line because you don't want to hurt the team and we don't need penalties, hurt us last week, obviously. We can try to eliminate those from the game, but we also want to be aggressive at the same time."

On penalties that he can live with and ones that burn him up:

"The taunting, that's disappointing, but they sent it back and it shouldn't have been called. But still, he shouldn't engage in that and I know it's both sides of the ball. The aggression, like he got a double-move one time and he stuck his arm out, that was a penalty and probably a good penalty because who knows what would have happened. It could have been a touchdown."

On if he lets Bashaud Breeland get away with that stuff because he does other things well:

"There's a guy in Seattle that's made a lot of money because he's aggressive and plays that style. I'm not saying he's that guy, but he has the same competitiveness that Bashaud has."

On Breeland's breathing problems:

He's got some problem. I'm not sure. I don't know how that stuff works. I know he had a breathing system, he's taking medicine for it and hopefully he doesn't have to come out. He was coming out, going in. Raheem just kept telling me 'Don't look, just keep calling it.'

On where Breeland has progressed:

"He's just so much more comfortable in what he's doing and he has no fear in who he's playing. Obviously, he's played some great receivers. Even in this division, they got some great receivers. He's done standup job and I think he's going to get better and better every year. You love his confidence. You love his aggressiveness and I'd like to have everybody play that way. Now, eliminate all the other stuff, but he's the kind of guy you're looking for."


On if it's impossible to cloud or bracket a player like Odell Beckham Jr.:**

It all depends. Are you trying to stop the run? Are you trying to double-team the tight end who beat us last game? Are you trying to take away the hitch? Odell, he had three catches in the first half and about eight hitches in the second half. The hitch really doesn't beat you. He caught a slant for a touchdown. He caught another slant for a touchdown, so it's not like they were deep balls beating us. It was intermediate, short range. The guy's a heck of a football player. They target him a lot. They targeted him 15 times, I think it was. He's the kind of guy that you'd like to have two on, but two on a hitch and you're giving something else up. I thought the guys competed and did a good job. The 30-yarder was disappointing. We should have had a nickel roll out faster on him and we didn't. We didn't get a jam on him. We got injured and we put a new guy in and he didn't get jam on him and that's why he came in so fast across the middle. So we did have a double on him, by the way.

On how much it complicates things when there are so many new players added in:

"You try to keep it as simple as you can. Hopefully, if they get in they have a pretty idea of what's going on, so you try to keep it simple. We've been keeping the last 4-5 weeks really simple because those guys are playing."

On if it complicates things when there are so many new players added in:

"You try to keep it as simple as you can. Hopefully, if they get in they have a pretty idea of what's going on, so you try to keep it simple. We've been keeping the last 4-5 weeks really simple because those guys are playing."

On how the Eagles' offense has changed from Nick Foles to Mark Sanchez:

"The concepts, the running game, the pass game is basically the same. They still do a great job running the football. They do a great job getting their playmakers, they got a lot of playmakers. The receivers – [Jeremy] Maclin's having a great year. The tight ends are excellent. They spread it around and it really hasn't changed much and they're doing a nice job with it. They got a heck of an offense."

On Phillip Thomas' progression from first start to second:

"I thought Phillip played well, really nice job. Really, in the run game he was outstanding. He did a nice job tackling. He got better and the stuff that he struggled in early – that half-field stuff and deep-field stuff – I thought he did a better job in that area. I think to some areas he'd like to be more aggressive and he's not really sure yet because he hasn't played enough, but I think if that comes, you never know. Hopefully we get a player out of him."

On Ryan Kerrigan's recent hot streak is due to him being more relaxed:

"That and his wrist is much better and he just feels better. Hopefully, these next two games he can get a couple more. I'm glad for him and hopefully he has a chance to make the Pro Bowl because I think he deserves it."

On a plateau when a guy gets a lot of sacks from where he goes from good to great:

"I don't know. Sometimes, you get a lot of pressures and hits and you don't get sacks. Ryan's getting both of them right now. I think he's been consistent here from day one since he started as a rookie and he stays consistent and he's getting better and better with rush game moves, using his hands, getting away from that rip technique that he has and on to different and I think he's getting much and I think he'll get better as we move along."

On Trent Murphy:

"He's another one he's going to take time. He's another one I think he's got a lot better. He was outstanding in the run game the other day against the Giants. I thought he did a great job in his drops. In the rush, Eli got the ball out so fast it was hard to get to him, but I thought he did a good job. He came up and did a couple different moves that he hasn't shown and I think he's another guy that's growing."

On if his run defense has improved:

"Yeah, because we didn't see that in training camp. That was one of the concerns and I think he's really stepped up and gotten better and better at it."

Any particular reason why he's gotten better:

"You don't do a lot of that in college. They throw the ball 60 times and you don't do anything in the run game. I think he's got better and he'll be real good at it next year." RELATED LINKS:--Game Information: Redskins-Eagles
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