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Day Four of the Cheerleader Calendar Shoot

Hey Skins fans this is Rebecca coming to you from the awesome Radisson Aruba Resort!

I just finished my very first Redskins calendar photo shoot and am still feeling the excitement. I had butterflies in my stomach from the time I woke up, at 3:15am, until the time my photographer said, "That's a wrap!" My photographer, Tyler, had me first posing in a hammock that was positioned in the water. It was a beautiful spot because the aqua water played off of my turquoise strapless, bikini which brought out my baby blues. Posing on the hammock proved to be a little difficult because I had to balance on the edge without falling into the water all while looking directly into the sunlight. Luckily, I had 6 of my fellow rookies holding things steady so that I could stay dry and cheering me on. After we took multiple shots here, Tyler had me walk into the water while turning back to pose toward him to get a 'rear' shot ;-) This has been such a memorable experience! I cannot wait to see the final shot chosen for the calendar and I hope you all like it too!


Rebecca poses with her photographer Tyler Demogenes


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