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Day Three of the Cheerleader Calendar Shoot

Hey Redskins fans, this is Mila writing to you all from the beautiful Aruba!

I have been up since about 4:00 AM, and I literally just finished my shoot which felt awesome.  I had a white strapless bikini with gold accessories to really make the shoot pop. It's funny because I had decided to do silver right until the night before. That just shows anything can happen. Richard (my photographer) had me leaning up against a green pillar.  I was nervous because I didn't practice any leaning poses but he showed me a pose to start and I took it from there. Everyone on-site was so supportive and really helped me make my shoot come together.  Thank you to the make-up, hair, and WRC crew for all of their fabulous work!

See you on the field!



Mila films an interview following her photo shoot this morning in Aruba

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