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First Lady Felicia Shares Her Blog From Military Tour 60

Hey Redskins fans! 

Felicia here and I am honored to be participating The First Ladies of Football's 60th Military Appreciation Tour. This is my fifth tour, and it has been an incredible experience, particularly because we traveled to Egypt (a country on my bucket list). In addition, I shared this experience with five alumni players, Reggie Branch, Reggie Brooks, Darnerien McCants, Michael Nelms, and Ricky Sanders.

On our 8th day, our last leg, we traveled to Egypt to visit the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), South Camp. We were greeted by Colonel Mark Ott and Master Sergeant Walter Kirk who briefed us on the mission of the MFO. The MFO's mission is to assist in maintaining the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, during Jimmy Carter's administration, after the Six-Day War. Currently, the MFO is actively supported by 12 nations; Australia, Canada, Columbia, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom's, United States, and Uruguay.

After our brief history lesson, we went to visit Lieutenant Louis Gonzales, Commander of Remote base. He provided us with a tour of the facility. We even got an opportunity to teach some of the guys some dance moves, some of which you may see later this year (wink, wink).  Next, we went to lunch and I got the opportunity to eat with soldiers from the Fiji military. Afterwards, we went to cheer on some soldiers at a football game and performed a halftime routine. Lastly, before the night was over, we performed our Variety Show. The Variety show consisted of a Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Country, and Salsa section. 

As a fourth-year veteran, I can attest that participating in a Military Appreciation Tour is nothing short than amazing. We are able to being something special, a piece of "Home" to our servicemen and women. Furthermore, this has been an experience that was priceless and truly indescribable. 

Hail to the Redskins!



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