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 First Lady Julia C Is An Essential Employee


Hey, Redskins fans! WRC Julia C. here. I think we can all agree that the past few weeks have been really difficult, but we still have so much to be grateful for. 

One thing I'm especially grateful for right now, is my job. As an "essential" employee, I've still had the privilege of showing up to my job site daily. During the day, I am a Project Engineer for a general contractor that specializes in water treatment facility rehabilitation. 

Every day, we all use running water. Once it goes down your drain, it's considered wastewater, which needs to be treated before it can be released back into the environment. Wastewater is routed to a wastewater treatment plant, which is where I come in. Sometimes new treatment plants need to be built or old plants need to be repaired. 

My current project focuses on repairing a wastewater treatment plant just outside Washington, DC. As the project engineer, I need to understand all engineering aspects of the build: mechanical, electrical, environmental, and civil. It can be pretty overwhelming at times, but luckily, I'm not alone. We have awesome (socially distant) management and a proactive crew of laborers. Simply put, our jobs are considered essential because we can't stop the flow of wastewater!

Though it seems like the world is at a standstill, my team continues to put our heads together in efforts to adapt, and for lack of better words, go with the flow! I'm happy to show up to our construction site every day to work towards something. As a final note, I'm grateful for all our supporting essential workers: suppliers, truck drivers, and subcontractors that have continued to show up and help us meet our goals.  I encourage everyone to stay home, and stay safe during this time.  


WRC Julia C

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