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Jackie's Tour 58 Blog


Hey there Redskins fans!

Jackie here and I am so excited to be on Military Appreciation Tour 58 to Western Europe. I have to admit that being a part of military tours is one of my favorite parts of being a Washington Redskins Cheerleader. It is by far one of the best and most honorable experiences of my life. As I embark on my 5th tour, I am so excited to meet the men and woman, and their families, who support our country overseas.

We recently landed in Brussels and were pleasantly surprised by an awesome tour bus.  This tour is a bit different because we will be driving to 3 different countries and visiting over 10 bases. Our first stop was Kleine (which means small in Belgium) Brogel Air Base. This base is composed of US, as well as Belgian Air Force Servicemen & Women.  Chief Whiting was kind enough to introduce us to most of the base staff. We took a detailed tour of the DFAC and enjoyed a nice lunch with the soldiers. We then took a short trip off base to the load barn. This is where they train for the loading and unloading of munitions from aircrafts. We got to see some cool model bombs, as well as the inside of the aircrafts responsible for them. We then headed to the Medical Aid Station, which is basically the base medical clinic. Next door was the Custody Forces Guard Mount room where we got to see what goes into being a guard on base.  After a full day of tours, we got to interact with children and families. We first tugh a cheer camp for the kids where they learned a sideline cheer and  snippets. It was so great to see the kids really open up and dance with us. They couldn't get enough! We then performed our first tour show and it was a huge success! We ended the night at our hotel with some traditional food, schnitzel, and croquettes. What an exciting first day!

Our next stop was The Netherlands to visit base Volkel Air Force base. We started the day with our second tour show. Immediately after, we got to spend some quality time with the families on base. We got to all go inside of a tank and were given a weapons demonstration. Next we spent some time with the K-9 unit. Leroy, the K-9 dog, was so well trained that WRC Heather was even suited up and was part of the demonstration.

Being able to interact with families is my favorite part about being on tour. The children get so excited to spend the day with us and we are equally as excited to be with them. After all of our on base activities we explored the city of Uden. The city was so beautiful and quaint. We enjoyed spending the evening together wandering the historic city.  We will be heading to Germany for the reminder of our tour, and I couldn't be more excited to continue this journey.  Stay tuned to hear all about our other adventures.

Hail To The Redskins! XOXO!


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