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Kellie Is Going To The Pro Bowl!


This was definitely a Thanksgiving to remember! The game was special because I had a 16 person entourage of family and friends tailgating and celebrating Thanksgiving with us at FedEx Field! The day started out like usual with pre game practice/getting all dolled up and ended with a surprise that I never could've imagined! As we stepped onto the field to find out this year's Pro Bowl Cheerleader, I started thinking back to our past two pro bowlers and how excited I was when they won! Tedi (2016) and Rachel (2017) were the perfect representation of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders; both strong, intelligent, kind-hearted women and exceptional leaders! I was not expecting to win, and to be honest, I was still daydreaming and staring off into the crowd when I heard my name called over the speakers. Before I could even react, my sisters tackled me with hugs and started yelling my name! The next few minutes were a blur as tears of joy rolled down my face. It was then that I saw my husband, parents, and brother standing on the sideline. I ran off the field and hugged each of them close as they congratulated me. We took a few pictures and then I walked over to hug and thank my directors and sideline assistants, some of which were also former Pro Bowl Cheerleaders! The rest of the night was so magical, especially because our football team pulled out the WIN! At the end of the game, I was asked to dance at 5th quarter and was told that my family would be there to celebrate. I'm sure I had the biggest and cheesiest smile the whole time! 

       The thought of going to Pro Bowl and meeting the other NFL cheerleaders is out of this world! However, the real victory is knowing that you've earned the respect and trust from your fellow sisters, who sweat and work just as hard as you every night at practice. All I can say is thank you and I hope that I am able to represent our sisterhood just as well as the ladies before me. Orlando, here I come! HTTR! 

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