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Kennedy's WRC Military Appreciation Tour 57 Blog


Hey Redskins Nation!

Greetings from Kuwait! WRC Kennedy writing to you on our flight to Bahrain after five rewarding and extraordinarily exciting days spent in Kuwait.

While in Kuwait in WRC tour 57, we had the opportunity to visit four bases, including: Ahmad al- Jaber Air Base, Camp Arifjan, Camp Buehring, and Camp Patriot. Every base had its own story and brought us new and different experiences. With every base we had the opportunity to eat lunch with & get to know our troops in the DFAC, meet the leaders of the base, get insight on their missions, and a general highlight of some of their day-to-day jobs. During this time, we were able to get suited up as Military Police, Pilots in the Air Force, and all else we had the privilege of experiencing. My favorite part was definitely meeting with the various leaders as they gave us an overview about exactly what they are doing in Kuwait, with reference to the history of the Gulf War.

While I enjoyed visiting all the bases, Camp Buehring stands out to me for two reasons. First, we were just 10 miles away from the border of Iraq. Second, I had the opportunity to meet with LTC Matthews, the only female Commander in Kuwait. Speaking to her was especially interesting as we were able to ask about lifestyle and safety for women in a completely different culture.

At the end of each night, we held a show where we were able to bring a taste of home through various styles of dance. While many were claimed as favorites, our dance to "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood received the greatest crowd reaction as it served to bring us together for one very last time during the show. This particular dance continues to be the one number that evokes so much emotion inside of me, and makes me feel honored that I have a privilege to be a part of this tour.

Overall, my experience in Kuwait was unforgettable!

Thank you for your time, 

WRC Kennedy 

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