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Kennedy's WRC Tour 62 Blog

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So thankful & honored to have gone on #WRCTour62. I love going on Military Appreciation Tours because of the opportunity to bring a taste of home to our servicemen and women. While this was my 4th Military Appreciation Tour, this was my first time visiting during the Super Bowl. And wow, it was thrilling! Most of our troops are used to being home with their families during this time of year so to be there when they might need it most was undoubtedly humbling.

A little different than a cookout at home, the celebration began with a pig roast and my favorite Honduran sides: yuca and rice! So simple but SO GOOD. It created the perfect opportunity for our troops to educate us on Honduran culture from their point of view, considering they're immersed in it every day. Over food at the Last Resort venue, we were able to meet and get to know our servicemen and women while sharing stories about our favorite Super Bowl experiences. To break the ice, we hosted a series of games including an egg and spoon race and limbo. The games were packed with participants and onlookers, making a fun start to our exciting evening to come.

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And then, the moment everyone was waiting for came: Super Bowl LII was on. After Gladys Knight beautifully sang the National Anthem, my favorite gals and I put on a pre-game show for our troops! We performed one of my favorite dances to open the show and bring the sideline entertainment they'd have at a home game. The crowd cheered and the football spirit was in the air. After cheering, we were able to watch the game with our troops and even host a fun raffle. From afar, you could hear cheers, laughs, and screams as we cheered on our favorite teams and laughed at our favorite commercials. It was just like being home.

The halftime show was definitely my favorite part of the whole game. I've never seen more men and women dancing and singing their favorite Maroon 5 songs before in my life. I definitely felt like I was there, at the game, celebrating with my favorite people! The performance offered something for everyone and definitely gave our crowd "Moves like Jagger."

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Overall, I had an amazing time bringing in the Super Bowl with our brave and strong heroes. Hearing all the "thank you's" and taking a mental picture of the smiles leaves me feeling warm and whole. Thank you Armed Forces Entertainment and Geico Military for a tour I could never forget.


WRC Kennedy

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