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Mahkai and Samantha's Experience at Teen Dance Camp


My experience being with Redskins Teen Dance Camp has been unbelievable for the past 4 years. The expectations the coaches have are extremely high, even if you're dancing for the first time. They push you because they know you can do better and be better. Since I've been at the camp, I worked on my strengths and weaknesses. Technique is the core of what they do. It's also the best part of the camp because not only do the coaches push you, but you also push yourself.  You have to have confidence, determination and motivation in yourself to make the magic happen. The choreography is hip hop and jazz. We would learn hip hop for one day, then jazz the next day. Since hip hop is my weakness, it's nice to watch other girls do the movements and if I like how they did it, I would try to apply it in my movement. I did this with jazz as well. 

Fortunately, my third year being with the Junior Dancers, I joined the Junior All Star Team. The smile on my face that I had was incredibly big, you saw all my teeth in the back.  I was really proud of myself for making and entering a new level! I thought it was going to take at least 5 years to happen. Being with the All Star Team, there's of course higher expectations. You need to be fierce, give facials, hit every movement sharp and it needs to be big and clean. As the coaches always say, "You don't want your audience to go buy hot dogs and beer," so basically dance like there's no tomorrow. 

The uniforms, the dripping sweat and sore muscles all pay off when the whole team is dancing on that huge field. Thousands of people looking at you, and when the first beat of the music plays, I dance as if it was the last thing on earth! It's more than having fun, it's more than coaches yelling at you to do better. They prepare us for the real world of artistry. This camp has made me a stronger dancer physically and emotionally. I couldn't ask for more. 

  • Mahkai

My experience with the Redskins teen dance camp has been simply amazing. I originally started the camp in 2012 and I have been consistently coming back because of how much they push and teach me. I can honestly say that I have never belonged to a studio that takes as much time to break down techniqu while also helping to improve as much as they do. The camp offers growing as a dancer and can also provide you with many opportunities as well. I have grown so much as a dancer these past three years with the help of everyone who helps out with teaching the choreography and drilling the routines.

The camp offers a wide variety of styles of dance such as hip hop, ballet, jazz, etc. and throughout the long days we also work on our strength, endurance and flexibility, which are all key parts of dancing. We even have guests come in to give us feedback on what we need to work on such as the Redskins Cheerleaders themselves. The camp not only helps you improve as a dancer, but also with making new friends which you can never have too many of. Taking part in this camp will not only greatly improve you, but shape you into the type of dancer you want to be.

  • Samantha
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