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Meet the Captains

As the 2013-14 NFL regular season gets underway, your First Ladies of Football have been practicing in full force since April to prepare for another winning season. Following last season's NFC East Championship and the cheerleaders' golden 50th Anniversary, as this year's captains, we've been tasked with carrying on a rich legacy, while building upon the energy brought by RG3 and inheriting 15 new rookie squad members.

While leading a dynamic group of 37 women – who also serve as full-time businesswomen, nurses, engineers, and mothers – comes with its challenges, we couldn't have asked for a better team to work with. As a new leadership group, when our positions were announced (all the way back in March!), we knew it would be important to come together quickly and decide on our mission for this season. Incorporating the values of our Director, Stephanie Jojokian, we decided on several overarching goals and themes for our team this season:

1)     Put the team first, before ourselves
2)     Be there for one another, while holding each other (and ourselves)  
3)     Be humble (those that know us best know that our favorite phrase is "thank
4)     Trust in our Directors, as everything will be fair but not always equal
5)     Always lead with positivity… and remember to have fun!

Each of us carries a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that make us unique, but ultimately contribute to us being a stronger unit. While many say Ashley "screams WRC," given her involvement with the Redskins from a very young age, she is our one tenured captain who helps keep us focused on the core values of the team… all with a little cheer flair of course! Brianne also comes from a 'Skins family, and she helps us continue to innovate with her creativity, sense of sisterhood and new ideas that she brings to the table. Monique's poise, drive and strong attention to detail have proven to be instrumental in helping the team run efficient practices and look polished on game day. Susan is a leader and manager both on and off the field, so while she prides herself on her "work hard, play hard" attitude, her passion for dance shines through in her choreography and feeds into the team around her.

So now that you've learned a little bit about us, we hope that we'll be meeting you on game day. We've been working hard all summer to bring you new moves, routines, uniforms...and of course energy! Thanks for your continued support, and we'll see ya at FedExField!


Your 2013-14 WRC Captains

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