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Meet your 2014-15 WRC Captains

Every year, excitement fills the air as fans look forward to the possibilities of a great season with our Washington Redskins. That excitement starts early for your First Ladies of Football, as we begin preparing for the football season in February with the announcement of the Captains. The honor and excitement of being named a captain of such an amazing squad is overwhelming. The responsibility of upholding the squad's core values begins way before auditions and ultimately, the announcement of the 37 talented, beautiful, and intellectual women who comprise the team!

One thing that excites us most about working together is that all four of us have the same passionate dedication and commitment to seeing the squad excel while still having a little bit of fun. Maigan, our former Pro Bowl Cheerleader and appropriately nicknamed "Maigan Fox" for her sultry appearance, loves teaching dance! As a full time dance teacher, coming to FedEx Field to continue that passion and help those around her find that love for the team make her leadership skills and patience a dynamic combination. Charo is our powerhouse dancer! She brings a force every time she performs, encouraging those around her to step up and dance bigger... and we can't forget to mention that she is great with numbers and the go-to person when it comes to figuring out formations. Brianne A.K.A. "Briyonce" is our chameleon and creative one! One minute you can find her swaying to country and the next shaking it to hip hop while rapping every lyric! Her innovation always makes each season unique for the squad with her new ideas and visions.  Lastly, Monique is our longest tenured captain. She loves to add a little bit of "swag" to everything, especially on the sidelines. Maintaining tradition and being attentive to detail are her strong suits. Together, we always figure out how to get the job done!

We have all worked so hard this year to bring you an amazing squad! Hopefully next time we see you at a game, you can pinpoint certain aspects that each captain has brought to the field to make the game both entertaining and exciting! Thank you for your unconditional love and we look forward to seeing you from the sidelines this season!

Your 2014-2015 Captains


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