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Since the age of 4 I have been a part of a dance group or team. This year however is the first year I have been on the other side as the Coach/Director. While I always knew there was more to being on a team than just having fun, my new position has shed so much light on the positives of any physical group activity.                 

Not wanting to let your team down

Not everyone is born with the inner athlete that pushes them and that's ok! This is why team or group workouts are so important because it brings different types of people together to help one another. For example, I tell my team to call out someone else's name when they can feel their energy dying. This gives the person that was called out a new burst of confidence and creates a positive connection with the teammates.

Importance of health and that it can be fun!

Nothing is more important than your health and creating healthy lifestyles at an early age is key.  Group activity can create friendly competitions where it suddenly doesn't seem like strenuous work but a fun game. One thing I do with my team is encourage them to have conversations with the person next to them during their minute planks. Once they get on a topic they like their mind is focusing on something else and not on quitting the exercise.

Preparing you for the future

You may not realize it when you are a kid or even a young adult but the skills you learn in a physical group setting can help you in many different professions. The most obvious one is teamwork but I believe the most important one is that you are only as strong as your weakest link. My fiancé recently learned this during his time at the fire academy. Once they complete their run individually they must go back and finish alongside any of their classmates who have not finished yet. Similarly I have my team run in a line so that they finish together and are focused on helping anyone that might be struggling.

Now…You may be ready to get started but are wondering how and where? The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders have put together a day of fun and fitness for you on November 11th! Visit to register. 



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