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Redskins Junior Cheerleader Cheyenne Participates In WRC Cheer Camp


Each summer, the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders hold their Summer Youth Cheer & Dance Camps for participants ages 6-17. Their first camp, Youth Cheer Camp, was held from June 25 – 27 in the Gymnastics Facility of the P.G. Sports & Learning Complex.

This season, the Cheerleaders held One Day Stunt & Tumbling Intensive and a Three Day Cheer Camp. Each participant in the camp will perform at the Redskins preseason game on Friday, August 26, 2016, against the Buffalo Bills.

Cheyenne, one of the camp participants, and junior Redskins cheerleaders, talks about her experience at this year's camp. 

"Redskins cheerleading camp has been a great experience for me," Cheyenne said. "The reason it is always great is because the cheerleaders that help us throughout the days at camp are interactive, outgoing, happy and helpful. I have been doing this camp for about six years, and every year I learn something new, whether it is about being a better person, learning new skills, or learning different ways to help me be better at cheering. Every year I have gone, they always make me feel welcome and make sure no one is left out. Through my experiences of Summer Camp, I have gained many new friends and lots of confidence. Another thing that I love about the camp is that you get a ribbon for doing different things like facials, improving, having great energy, and much more."

Check back for more camp participant updates during the summer. Click here to sign up for the camp.

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