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Wake Up Washington | Commanders prepare to take on Jalen Hurts


The Washington Commanders saw quarterbacks with similar styles in the first two weeks of the 2022 season. Trevor Lawrence can be mobile but does most of his damage from the pocket, while Jared Goff is exclusively a pocket passer but gets the ball out of his hands quickly. In Week 3, they will see something completely different.

The Commanders will return to FedExField for Week 3 to take on the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts, who has been one of the most dynamic weapons in the NFL during the Eagles' 2-0 start.

Any hopes of containing the dual-threat quarterback will rely heavily on the Commanders' pass rush. Washington is currently tied for 12th with five sacks, but Jonathan Allen believes there will be more opportunities to boost those numbers against Hurts.

"People always make the comparison about a running quarterback or a dual-threat quarterback as opposed to more of an in-pocket quarterback, but I look at it the opposite [way]," Allen told the Sports Junkies Sept. 20. "Jalen Hurts is gonna give us more opportunities to get him down because Jared Goff gets the ball out really fast."

Hurts' legs have been a focal point of the Eagles' offense. He is the team's second-leading rusher with 147 yards, and he leads the team with three rushing touchdowns. The Eagles' previous opponents, the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings, took different approaches to stopping him. The Lions, who tend to put pressure on offenses, blitzed Hurts consistently, but the quarterback was able to evade the pressure and rushed for 90 yards on 17 carries.

Conversely, the Vikings tried to keep Hurts in the pocket and limit his escape routes. That tactic provided to be ineffective as well, as Hurts picked apart the Vikings' secondary and threw for 333 yards and a touchdown.

Allen, who is one of four Commanders players with at least one sack, is looking forward to the difference in styles between Hurts and Goff, whose release time did not give the Commanders' pass rush much time to get to him.

"Sometimes, getting the ball out so fast, it doesn't even matter if he has an offensive line, you're not gonna get there," Allen said. "As opposed to Jalen Hurts, who will stand in the pocket longer, giving you more opportunities to get to him."

Washington has a chance to get back on track after a frustrating Week 2 loss. If it can find ways to fluster Hurts, it gives them more hope of taking a 1-0 lead in the NFC East.

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