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Wake Up Washington | Rivera reflects on late mother Delores


On Monday evening, Ron Rivera’s mother, Delores, passed away peacefully with her husband and loved ones by her side. In the emotional 48 hours since her death, Rivera has gained strength from being around his team.  

"You get an opportunity when people rally around you, they show you their support, it is very comforting," Rivera said. "A lot of these young men have gone through it or will go through it. Just being there for one another is all part of the team bonding process and I really appreciate that."  

Reflecting on his mother's impact on his life, Rivera noted how it was her who set an example of staying calm under pressure and in situations where others look to you. That skill has been invaluable as a leader and head coach in the action-packed, up-and-down world of the NFL.   

"Her husband goes to Vietnam twice, and she had to maintain and that's what I've tried to do," Rivera said. "My father always told me, 'When you're in charge and all hell's breaking loose, if you're outta control, your men will be out of control. If you're in control, they'll see you and they'll have confidence that you know what you're doing.'" 

The lessons and values Delores instilled in her son are hard to count. She stressed the importance of education and how to take care of family, and it was because of her that Rivera even got into the sport of football. For everything she did and has passed on, Rivera is grateful and no doubt will continue to honor her legacy by being the man he is.  

"When my dad went to Vietnam, in both those instances, my mom was our coach. She pitched batting practice. She did tackling drills. I mean, that's what she did," Rivera said. "And so, if there was an inspiration in my life more so than admiring who my father was, it was taking from my mom."

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