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First Lady Candess Displays 'Grace and Grit' In All Aspects Of Her Life

during practice , Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019, in Lake Buena Vista,Fla. (Logan Bowles / NFL)
during practice , Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019, in Lake Buena Vista,Fla. (Logan Bowles / NFL)

First Lady Jade sat down with 2018 Pro Bowl cheerleader First Lady Candess for this week's discussion of "With Grace and Grit!"

With the grit to work hard and put forth 100 percent of yourself, you are able to achieve confidence. "Super confidence" is something that has aided Candess in not being "shaken" on the field and during the audition process.

During her journey to becoming a First Lady of Football, she worked hard to transition from the "studio to the field." Candess started dancing early in life as a member of Capitol Movement's Pre-Professional Dance Company. After graduating from high school she took her craft to the next level by dancing for the University Maryland's dance team. Things quickly became a whirlwind when Candess decided she wanted to audition to the pro cheer world, graduate, and start a career in one month! Did she do it? Yes, she did! While it was not easy juggling all three of those entities, she had the Grit to do it! Most importantly she wants other women to know that they can too!

As 2018 Pro-bowl Cheerleader Candess exudes the qualities of a First Lady of Football, she still has not forgotten how it felt to be a Rookie Potential. Candess is no stranger to effortlessly slaying and working the field.

However, many would be surprised to know that she had her own internal battle as many do within the audition process. Specifically, she, like many Rookie Potentials, felt the initial perceived pressure of fitting in a mold and comparing herself to current team members. She asked herself, "Do I look like them? Do I talk like them?"

Candess was able to shift her perspective to focusing on her "individuality." This sparked an ability to highlight what makes her an asset to an organization rather than focusing on what others were already offering the organization. She wants other women to focus on their own "self worth and being their best selves."

"Knowing who you are and valuing yourself are the first steps to owning your individuality. During auditions work with others while owning who you are!"

For more helpful tips for auditions and to get to know more about these ladies, follow them at: @WRC_Candess (twitter) and @WRC_Jade (instagram).

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